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20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed

The Car 2. The Kitchen3. A Public Bathroom4. A Hot Tub5. The Gym Locker Room6. Changing room in a department store7. Someone else’s house8. In a tent – Camping9. On a boat10. In a library!11. Outdoors “grassy field”12. While skinny dipping ?!13. At the drive in – be sneaky.14. On top of a coffee table/island …

20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed Read More »

You Tease.

One major thing that gets the party going is the tease. You fucking tease. What we mean by this is when you do little things either all day or all week just to tease your partner. This is kind of like edging, but more or less just really teasing their sexual feelings. I mean pictures, …

You Tease. Read More »

Facial’s Baby

Its a fucking spa day ladies! HAHAHAHA. Girls are so finicky on this and I don’t understand it at all because guys get off so hard on it. So, you want to really please your man? Get on your knees and take it baby. Take it right on your face, close your eyes, moan listen …

Facial’s Baby Read More »