Anal Sex

Buttstuff. People either really like it, are scared as hell, or like turned off completely by it. Anal play can be FUN and can also be one of the hottest things ever … BRANCH OUT. However, there is a lot of work, prep, and trust into this one.

To start things off just realize what is about to happen here. He is about to enter your asshole and rock your world. If anal isn’t for you, just leave this post right now. Lets just start off by saying having a nice little plug is a good way to start. Anal is something you need to ease into. Like you have to be relaxed or he isn’t going to get anywhere with this.

It’s all about the Trust

YOU MUST HAVE SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST. I cannot express that enough. If it hurts he has to know, you have to be able to communicate. You have to be able to tell him what feels good and what might not feel good and he has to respect that. Its not like getting drilled in the pussy, this is an entire different field, let alone ball game. Start off with him using his LUBED up fingers or a small plug. When I say use lube, ladies, I fucking mean it. Like dudes, you need to overkill on this one. Make her feel comfortable, this is new for the both of you. Dude, plus its not going to feel good if its not loose and ready. Just slowly start getting her relaxed and use to the feeling. After you play around enough to where you think he can fit, let him know.

From a guys point of view, you letting him do this is going to be one of the hottest things in the world. Sweetheart, you’re a rock star for letting this go down. Ladies, little did you know you have a better chance of finishing before him with anal. Anal stimulation is more prone to having woman finish rather than vaginal intercourse. Ladies seem to enjoy it quite a bit after the first couple times. Once you can get the speed and really get thrusting she will be begging you for more. When she hits the big O, game changer. And bro, when you finish, it was a damn good day.

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