A High Sex Drive

Too much sex? Wait, so is that an actual thing? People get sick of sex? I will never understand the people that always talk about how they need a “break” or they are too “tired” for sex. If you are doing it the right way you will not want a break. Having a good sex life is important for one’s health and mental stability. The sex drive between the two genders is completely different on a psychological level. Studies most definitely show that men completely have a higher sex drive.

Who’s Guilty?

People usually peg this on the man wanting it to much because their sex drive is way higher. Can it be the girl that wants it to much though? I have heard this a couple times, but not as often. Woman either really enjoy that he wants it so much, or others are completely turned off by this. There are woman though that can give them a run for their money. In this situation, both parties want it all the time. Is there like suppose to be a legit cut off as to how much sex one should have? If there is there should not be. You want to do it at 10 pm and then at 8 am, go for it baby girl. Put his ass to sleep with that bomb ass pussy. Dick that girl into tomorrow morning, make her call you DADDY. I feel like there is a lot to come with this.

You have to Enjoy it Guys!

If the communication is bomb, you are open, and daring, its probably going to be some of the best sex you are ever going to have. You are going to want it all the time. I promise you. I feel bad for people that do not enjoy there sex life, or get super shy with the other person. Like the time in between might be just thinking about what you can try next, or what you are going to next. Try sexting all day, keep it going bro.

10 thoughts on “A High Sex Drive”

  1. You should also do research into men who are in a relationship and don\’t want sex. For some it\’s health issues, and for others it\’s relationship issues. Undoubtedly, the partner who wants it and doesn\’t get it, is the one that thinks having more sex will cute their relationship problems. In my experience, the bedroom is always affected by external forces.

  2. ohgod I know it! I was married to a man who couldn’t stand being touched and I’m a major toucher. Sex was rare and he struggled pushing through (or past) his dislike for physical touch. I’m one who wants (good) sex two or three times a day easily. I don’t know if that’s too much. But it’s who I am.

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