Middle of The Night Shenanigans

I swear one of the hottest things that I am so very fond of, is middle of the night sex. I am talking you were just in a coma, its three AM, they’re snoring, and you want it. LETS DO THIS. A lot of people are like oh, I don’t want to wake them up. Ladies, just grab his fucking cock. Most guys would be pleased to have his cock sucked in the middle of the night unexpectedly. Its a turn on.

Guys, flip her over on her back and just start kissing her. Its one of the sexiest things in the world if you guys are both half asleep and really just start to play a little bit. Its that kind of losing out of your mind bang. You know, the guy just rolls over and starts grabbing her ass and playing with his fingers around her pussy a little bit. YUM. It is going to drive the girl wild.

So, getting it on. Not only is it out of the norm to be banging hard at 3 am, but it makes things hotter. Depending on where you are in your sleep cycle you can either be fully awake or almost in a slap happy sense of life. This almost relates to like early morning sex. Usually, known as morning wood, it can happen in real early morning to . So, it is very common for men to get huge boners in the middle of the night, so ladies just ride that cock. The best part of middle of the night sex is that you get to go back to sleep. Get it on for a few, both of you finish, now your nice and exhausted to sleep until your alarm.

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