Please-Her Positions

I have to say out of the many different sex topics that can be talked about I always get asked what position I prefer. Let me tell you people don’t understand me when I say all of them. Like every single one. Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, seated or standing or even laying down they all fucking rock! Trying new things is also big on my list! I love to test the waters and just find like new spots and positions, or even the smallest slightest difference in the position can totally change the way the sex feels for the guy and girl.

One of the favorites, yet not talked about much, is when the lady is laying flat on her stomach. This can be done on a slight angle with pillows under her stomach or even just flat and the guy is almost riding her from behind, but fucking her hard . Kind of like a missionary doggystyle position, haha just made that up but if it catches on in the world then you know you heard it here first. Anyway to get back to this position… HOLY FUCKING LORD. Not only does it drive the guy crazy, being able to go deep, grip that ass with one hand and the other holding her lower back/hip area, but it also feels amazing for G- Spot stimulation on women. Like I said flat or kind of propped up either one will work and will hit the spot! If you arch your back more like doggy, it will intensify. But you will probably need a pillow to help prop you up ladies. Not only does that feel amazing, but ladies you can also feel his balls hitting you a little and that is hot as fuck.

Laying behind her well fucking her. Like spooning, but adding the cock. This is nice and common in bed or in the morning, middle of the night sex type of shit. You know when he just casually rolls over grabs your tits and starts playing with your pussy. After that, when you are both READY TO FUCKING GO. He can grip and play with your tits as he is laying behind you fucking you and kissing on your neck and talking dirty into your ear. He can also flip you on your back still in this position and kiss and fucking bite your lip. Ladies, this one is for you, sure it feels good for him, but who doesn’t love the fucking combo. Titties, Pussy and even hair pulling if you do it right…..

Hair pulling and neck kissing is a must in this fellas it will definitely help turn your lady on more. Besides that, get in this position, guys fuck away hard and rough, pull her hair, smack and grab that ass! Side note, if you are also into anal sex, also give this position a try… ya never know you may like it 😉

Give this position a try, guaranteed you’ll like it, if not FUCKING LOVE IT!

Happy humping to you fucking pervs out there, and get to fucking!!

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