Post Nut Clarity

So, according to Urban Dictionary the definition of this is as followed:

The immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming.

Do you ever just like need a couple minutes after you finish to yourself? You get quiet, or fall on the floor because you are like re cooperating your life because you just had some bomb ass sex and you are basically on a post nut high and you’re both pretty much dead now after having your minds fucking blown! But at the same time your mind is clear as fuck!

A lot of women wonder about this because a guy will literally get up out of bed and go to the bathroom, or like just get weird for a few minutes, or be so high from cumming so hard that he basically doesn’t even know where he is, but then after about ten they go back to normal. Their mind has reset, they are no longer super high, they are relaxed now. This is called post nut clarity and its actually something that happens. The guys entire world gets clear after he fucks super hard! I mean super hard! The guy is trying to regain his bearings on life and come to with what just happened! Just had his fucking mind blown from busting so hard that it feels like he just fucked multiple times at once! Yes literally! But now his mind is clear, he is relaxed, not stressed and at ease.

A lot of men also wonder about this… Because in the moment, the guy just fucked and busted so hard, at the same time so did the lady. As they both are sitting/laying there in silence for a minute because they cannot believe what just happened. However, the guy can still be laying there, taking a little longer to come back down from Cloud 9, the lady is back on earth, has her bearings, may get up go to the bathroom, or get up to grab her clothes. She may be saying “Alright thanks for the bomb dick I gotta roll.” Or after In this moment it maybe an arrangement where we just fucked each others brains out.

In the end the Post Nut or the BIG O and their after affects can be insanely intense so if you experience this when you are fucking, then you are doing something right!

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