Ringing in the New Year

Oops, forgot to add, meant to say Ringing in the new year with a hard fucking bang! Ladies and gents, it’s the one day of the year, where every single motherfucker out there wants to bring in the new year with a kiss at midnight and a bang quickly after so like 12:05AM. So if you are out and about, don’t be a pussy about it, guys and gals if you see someone you are attracted to don’t be a bitch about it and coward down. Go fucking say hi! Also, do not start asking about what they do for a living cause its the new year and no one is thinking about going back to their mundane 9-5 bullshit life, everyone is thinking about getting fucked up and getting laid thats it. So have a random conversation, ask about what new things did they do in 2018 and what are some 2019 goals. Make shit up. So anyway back to banging…

So first off, yes we all want to not go home alone tonight and we all wanna start 2019 off with waking up to someone in our bed or if you find the right partner, you get to wake up to that guy/gal playing with your cock/pussy. So whether you are single, or not all of this applies to you.

Maybe you are trying to be more adventurous in 2019 so if you have a partner, can always try a role play situation out, throughout the night when you are with friends can send each other dirty texts, such as “I can’t wait to leave this bar, get you inside, pin you against the wall and rip your clothes off and fuck you on the kitchen table.” It lets the person already get their mind racing thinking about sex while trying to maintain an appropriate civilized personality in public when in reality we are all a bunch of dirty sluts in our minds, just everyone else doesn’t know it, which just makes it more hot! But sadly if you are out solo looking to score then this type of shit won’t work, so you gotta be able to hold the other persons attention, by being entertaining and also being flirty at first, till you both know ‘IT’S ON’ then you can be a lil frisky, guys grab her booty a lil bit, but not too much where you come off as some fucking perv, just a quick swift grab and see what happens, ladies do the same, if you grab that dudes ass you will get his full attention! TRUST ME!

Another thing ladies, if you’re staying in …. put on something sexy for your guy. Some cute cheeky panties or some really cute pajamas that he can just rip fucking off of you. Mother of god just put some panties on and one of his T-shirt’s and tease him. OR, Lingerie, god yes. Bring the fucking lace out bitches. Body suites, Garter belts, and panties with holes….. easy access. Give him a massage and have him give you one back! Grab a bottle of wine and just enjoy your night. Imagine when the ball drops and you have his balls in your mouth ? Have 2019 come with him Cumming. A whole night of fucking ?

After the party, or bar, now its time to get them home. Hopefully at this point you know if they want to go home with you or not, but if you are too off your fucking game then you gotta be more forward just be blunt, you wanna come home with me? The person should get what you are saying, but if you think they are just coming home with you cause they don’t want to sleep alone, then just be more blunt, and say something like “I really wanna get you alone and behind closed doors.. do you wanna come home with me home tonight?” If they don’t respond with a more of HELL YES, then be on your toes, also don’t let the person you are trying to get home drink too much, risk them passing out, puking, or both and then you are now the babysitter so have fucking fun with that while the rest are all out getting laid!

So now you got them home, it’s time to score! Hopefully you brought in the new year with a big O! Both are satisfied with the beginning of 2019 and both can start off the 1st of the year with a big ass smile on their face. Don’t forget in the morning everyone loves breakfast have pancakes ready cause lets be honest who doesn’t love a plate of flapjacks!

Happy hunting to all you single perverted motherfuckers out there! I hope you all score and are safe! Happy New Year!

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