Spank me Harder….

“Spanking is a one handed round of applause in appreciation of a magnificent ass!”

I think Ass Slaps & Whips are something people need to bring into the bedroom more often. Like what guy doesn’t want to leave hand marks on those ass cheeks? THEY ALL DO! What girl doesn’t want to be fucking bent over and have her ass spanked? THEY ALL DO! It’s a major turn on that people don’t realize it until it just becomes a normalcy in some hot fucking sex. Ladies throw your ass in the air and tell daddy to spank you! If you can handle a harder spanking, then tell him harder! ITS FUCKING HOT! Guys, give it to her and let her know who’s ass that is! However, lets explore a little on whats better a hand or a crop/whip? How hard is to hard?

First there is nothing like a good hand spanking ass slap! Think about it the guy has the lady bent over either his lap, an arm rest on a couch, or she could be on all 4’s ass up looking back with a smirk on her face. The guy is fucking turned on like crazy, TRUST ME! Guys spank that ass, but at first be hard, but not too hard. Hard enough where she is turned on, and she gets it that, that ass is yours and she’s your sex toy for the night. Then spank her again a lil bit harder, keep going until she tells you stop, or until you can’t take it anymore and just want to fuck! Believe me this happens more than you’d think. Ladies tell your man you want that ass spanked, bend over look at him and spank your own ass if you want/need to get him going so he understands what’s about to go down. Then tell him harder, example “harder daddy”, or yell out “easy there, that one was too hard” let the guy know. In his eyes, his goal is to spank you hard enough where it’s extremely hot , but simultaneously wants to leave his hand print on that ass. So when you look in the mirror, you smirk at that red hand print on your ass.

Second crops/whips. They are a hot kinky fun toy to bring to the sex game. But… be careful. They can either be a lot harder than a guys hand. Or they just sound like they are very hard. Just like in 50 Shades of grey, when Christian has Anastasia on her knees and uses the crop on her hand. Sounds like it fucking hurt, but it doesn’t. So, if you bring a crop/whip to play with, start off easy to get a feel for it.

From personal experience, with a crop to play with. At first it was nerve racking not knowing if it was going to be too intense. After the first lash, it the noise was like holy shit, that was intense. But it wasn’t. The lady was shocked and enjoyed it and wanted more, the man was a little worried from the sound, but could then tell it wasn’t too bad. So then he kept going on going. Super fucking hot! Imagine having your lady bent over, getting fucked from behind on all 4’s while simultaneously whipping her just hard enough where it makes her moan out for more!

Ladies and Gents! From personal experience I am a fan of using crops/whips or any other toy that both the lady and man are comfortable with.

But whether it’s just going to be spankings with a hand, or a whip/crop. Test the waters to see how far you can take it. I highly recommend bringing a whip/crop to play with. Let your fire burning passion of wanting to explore and use toys happen! Best case you love it and want more, worst case you tried and its not your thing, no bid deal!

Discuss this with your partner, you both will probably be surprised on your responses… just saying…

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