Best Anal sex positions for the noobs

To note before any of these positions are tried, make sure that ass is lubed up and ready to go! Fellas listen to the lady, if it hurts, or feels good whatever go by what she says. Especially since she’s the one allowing you to fuck that ass like you’ve always wanted!

  1. Doggystyle with your lady on all fours, make sure that ass has been lubed up and played with a little bit. Preferably if she can the day/night before have her play with her ass with a plug so she can get used to it and adjust. Or if willing ladies, have your man play with your ass with a plug (we recommend this one), but let him know how he’s doing, if it hurts or tell him faster, deeper, harder whatever. Its hot as fuck for guys to be able to do stuff like this, also to make it hotter as he’s fucking your ass with a plug and getting that ass ready to be fucked, put his cock in your mouth both parties are turned on like fucking crazy and both parties can’t wait for what’s about to happen, ANAL SEX WOO!!
  2. Girl on top, for this let the lady take the wheel here. With that ass lubed up and ready, could already be fucking with the lady on top, and now its time to switch it up and slide that hard cock in that tight ass for a new experience! Ladies lower yourself as much as you can and if it hurts stop, and really I mean stop! It shouldn’t hurt if you are ready to go in that sense. If it does hurt ease up a little and let him know you need to relax more. Relaxing is so important in this because then your muscles also relax.

3. Laying down next to each other .

This one is easier and it’s easier to see how my your body can take and how far you want to go. You also have control of how far he puts it in and can comfortably adjust to it. The guy can then kiss your neck and play with your boobs as he slowly slides into you and he can slowly ease in! He also can grab your hips for more stability!

Now, ladies a little before hand prep is also a must . No one wants to talk about all that in detail but to sum it up just know what your putting into your body and what you are eating that day. Anal sex is fucking bomb but please prepare accordingly! Playing with yourself a lot before you actually have your man slick his rock hard cock into you will help you in the long run ! They always say pain is pleasure, but in this case it’s really not… there has to be like no pain for it to be pleasurable! Or actually a good pain in a sense !

Also, plugs & anal beads are the best helpful toy I feel to get ready for anal sex! They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs! A little tease would be to tell your partner to wear a plug when you guys went out because you plan on taking that ass to town later, it’s hot. There is a great selection of anal beads at Lovers Lane! They come in different designs and colors along with are made with different materials! Start off small then get giant ?

Here are some we recommend:


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