Communication Improves Your Sex

So you want to have the awesome sex you think about it? You want to be riding your mans cock hard while he grabs hold of your tits? You want him to flip you over to do you in thirteen different positions before he cums, girl let daddy know! Dudes, you want your girl bent over the bed and want to be able to slide your cock back and forth between her ass and pussy? So, if this is what you want, then why the fuck are you not doing it?? Why is this not a thing in your life ? Could it be your communication? Could you be holding back what you really want? A lot of people think that having communication is a no brainer, but really a lot of people don’t know how to go about it!

Alright, first if you are not having the sex you want then you need to first realize that it is 100% your FUCKING FAULT! A lot of the reasons you could not be is that you don’t have someone in your life you can put your needs down on the table with! Not only do you really have discuss with them, but don’t beat around the bush. Go into detail about exactly what you want and stand behind it.

If you are a sexual beast and want to spank your girl, then fucking spank her! And if she’s just as much of a freak as you are she will probably tell you too! You want to pull her hair, and grab hold of her beautiful tits as you fuck her from behind, then FUCKING DO IT! Like Nike, just do it bro!

To now get more sympathetic, ladies and gents, the sex you want is all on you! Glad we got that out the way. So, how do you have the sex you want? Well you first have to be comfortable with yourself and your own sexual desires enough that you are ready and willing to share that information with someone else. You have to know what you want and how you want it! You have to want to explore and be open to try new things ! Communicating with your partner is a must, I mean how can they fulfill what you want if you don’t speak your mind? Trying new things can be a tough discussion to have, but if you can’t throw the whole person away! You need to be able to discuss things, it’s a very important part of having good fucking sex! You have to know what they like , how they like it! Certain things you should know are what positions they favor , what kind of dirty talk turns them on, what spots hit it just right?! You need answers and the only way to do that is discussing!

You maybe too nervous to officially discuss in person, so bring it up over a text, or find a sex meme send it, and say you wanna do that! It’s easier and can come off as a joke in the event they are like “what the fuck yo? You are not doing that to me!” or you may get the response you want, such “like fuck yes, do that to me!” then they may elaborate even more!!I do not recommend that mid sex you just try out this fucking weird thing you saw in some porno.

It is in your best fucking interests to do this! Have the discussion, bring up the dirty raw hard fucking sex you want!

As always ! Let us know what you want to read about? Always feel free to ask questions ? ! – D.D.

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