Dirty Talk


We all become creative when it comes to dirty talk. How many times do you look down at your phone and see something sexy as fuck popping up in your SnapChat? (For real if you don’t, get your priorities in place). That’s great and all when you need to shoot a quick text, but how about dirty fucking talking in the bedroom ?! You know when your riding on his thick hard cock and he’s gripping your ass cheeks and you just wanna scream “do me fucking harder” ! How much more does that turn someone on? Is there times when it’s to much? Is it not enough?


Sometimes dirty talk in the bedroom can really get things going… actually dirty talk everywhere can really get things going. If you’re out and about just slightly whisper into their ear about how your dying to have that dick inside you , or that you want to sit on his face. It can really get things turned the fuck on. Not to mention if you are out with people around you it can almost be like a game because it’s going to be such a tease that you are getting that later!

Call him daddy ! So I’ve heard tons of girls be like oh what the fuck? No, that’s gross. Girl bye . Watch your man’s dick light up like the fucking sun, when you tell daddy to fuck you harder. They love it, and if they don’t you don’t have the right person in your life. It actually turns woman on too, calling him daddy!


Now for the ladies, no one ever likes to be called a slut in real life, but in the bedroom you better act like his little raunchy hoe. I’m talking teasing him, on your knees , begging for his thick cock to be out. One thing though, don’t ever fucking let him call you a bitch, that’s not cute. However, being his dirty little slut, get down with it ladies. When he’s got you bent over his counter or kitchen table and is pulling your hair asking you who’s slut you are…. you’re going to get fucked harder. GURANFUCKINGTEE. 

Dirty talk can really change things up in the bedroom and everywhere else and I think you should try it, slut. 

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