Ladies and Gents, ever try it? Do you have an opinion on it? Like it yay or nay?

First off to those who do not know, edging is basically taking yourself to EDGE right before orgasm. This can be done multiple times not just the once. This technique is used when you dirty fuckers are out there masturbating to your dirty fetishes on the good ol pornhub… Or unless you are really adventurous and maybe you and your partner are both masturbating to each other as a foreplay act..?

Or it’s also a major technique guys use when they are too horny and are having a hard time lasting in bed. So, therefore those guys will fuck until they are basically at one more stroked than they gotta switch up positions, or ladies start sucking on his dick, it still feels great keeps him hard as fuck and its not as intense and fucking hardcore. But this also technically isn’t considered edging cause thats not what the goal is to edge you are just in the middle of fucking and going to the edge, but its what’s happening, cause if the guy doesn’t stop then he’s going to bust and either the lady has or has not gotten off as well. Therefore to all the dudes reading this edge or keep fucking till basically your cock is like fuck this bro I need to bust HARD! Ladies, don’t be afraid to tell your man to do this. Nothing wrong with a simple statement like “Yo, when you are getting close to cumming stop, slow down, switch positions, put your cock in my mouth, whatever just don’t you dare cum yet!” lol Talk to him like a drill sergeant in a fun way, it’ll be funny and you both will laugh and will make the sex better and more fun cause you two are that close. Or do this however you are most comfortable.

Now, this technique is also used by the ladies out there that think guys don’t know you do this, well ladies the fellas know! Nothing wrong with that, all guys want their lady to have an intense as fuck orgasm where they either pass the fuck out, have a friendly seizure, and yell out ‘FUCK’ haha, either way it is all good. There are some ladies out there that get off so easily, and know how to control their orgasms, so they also will edge themselves, some will edge to save their BIG O, for the exact moment their man has his earth shattering mind fucking blowing orgasm as well. Ladies, all know when a dude cums it’s usually pretty fucking intense and then they can’t move so ladies go for the same end goal. Which is pretty cool.

Now, there are some people who are not a fan, don’t like it, they say it hurts, or have zero extended pleasure from this. Which is fine, every fucker out there is entitled to their own opinion. However, if you are one of those motherfuckers, respect your partner on whether they want to, or like edging. Make sure everyone is happy, a happy sex life leads to more kinky & dirty sex.

So, if this is something new, possibly bring it up with your partner, no one likes to bring up something new that could make them uncomfortable. Therefore, the trick is to do it in a fun, exploring way. As in could say ‘Hey, I was reading on the dirty donut about edging, I want to try it out! Have you heard of edging, or have you tried it?” This way its an open question where no one feels awkward, instead of asking, “Do you edge?” Kind of like being interrogated cause no motherfucker wants to feel that way..They will just deny that shit till they die! Teasing in the same sense is pretty much edging… So make it seem like a new exploration, could be a lot more fun!

Give it a shot, leave a comment on what your thoughts are, do you like it? Have you tried it? Or any type of comment just to hear your opinion !

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