Getting Guys Turned On.

Everyone has their quirks, but are there some things that are always just going to turn guys on? There are some things that guy’s really cannot resist! Being a dirty little slut for him is going to turn him on more than anything, and then you are going to look like a damn pornstar riding on his cock. Ladies, I think another thing that guys would love to tell you is to stop being so insecure on top. Take Fucking Control! Guys get off on this shit! If a lady can get on top and go to town and own it, that guy is going to loose his shit! You are going to see him bite his lip and mumble fuck girl under his breath, his eyes roll back, his hands will grip hold of you tight! Ride his cock, lean forward and put your tits in his face, in his mouth, tell him to bite and suck on your nipples! (If he already isn’t doing that…) Guys fucking love this shit!

Most of the time, if you have yourself a hornball for a man, a simple dirty sext during the day before you see him will already give him a half chub that he has to hide throughout the day from everyone to see. Ladies, the control you have.

Side note, half chub is when a guy has kind of a half hard dick, and half soft dick. Its that in between moment where you are getting him hard but could then stop, so he is on his way to making a standing ovation, but doesn’t full stand up! Lol it’s a real thing ladies, you can ask your man assuming he has seen the movie Hot Tub Time Machine where it is basically explained. If you haven’t seen that movie, then you need to!

Ladies, guys are already pervs, like much more of a perv than you think! Most of the time the guy is already horny and turned on and is trying go in for the kill and ravage their girl whenever they want, but they are used to their lady shutting them down, ladies come on. Your man just wants to fuck, so fuck him hard and tell him what to do and where to cum. Look at that everyone is happy, haha.

When you know for a fact they can’t keep their hands off you, they constantly want you naked, to grab hold feel your body and fuck you, give it to them hard. If they already aren’t doing that, then you can either test the waters out and see if doing one or two different things a day will make a difference and get him turned on and more horny than normal. As mentioned, a dirty sext takes you 15-20 seconds of your day great easy way to start testing it out.

Get your man started shopping for lingerie, by taking him with you, if you can. However, if not when you go try on lingerie snap him a picture of the lingerie you plan on buying. Challenge : If you really wanna see what your man is about, tell him to go get you a new piece of lingerie, and tell him to pick out whatever he wants. Your odds: He will either come back with something hot as fuck that you weren’t expecting, or something you will be highly disappointed in. It could also end with you saying ” I told you pick out anything, and you came back with THAT!!” Lol, you could be in for a real treat! He should know your style if this is a constant thing, or you guys are together, just saying.

Now that you have acquired the lingerie, next is modeling your lingerie/outfit before leaving which will leave him craving your and horny. Here’s the plan…. make up some bullshit excuse to call your man into the room where you are changing. Don’t be dressed, but simply in your bra and panties. Have it be something something sexy. Note this : Granny panties are not gonna charm your mans pants off. A sexy bra and panties, or even naked. Start by acting like you are trying to find your favorite fucking bra, cause lets be honest all dudes know that girls have at least one. Your man may actually buy this line, but simultaneously he will not give a flying fuck if its the fall of Rome outside of your place because his lady is either naked or half naked. Your guy is going to ravage you, right then and there!!

Fun fact! To easily turn on your guy is just by putting your hand on his leg and lightly rubbing his inner thigh, just running your fingers on the inside and outside of his legs. This gets your guy going, its kind of a tease, where you aren’t just grabbing his cock but gently teasing him! This is teasing, he knows and you know you could easily grab on to his cock, but instead you are just being ‘nice’ . Now, your thinking “nice” is rubbing his leg and that it will relax him and whatnot. However, the truth is “nice” is relaxing, but depending on time of day you could end up being attacked by your man with a hard dick. So ladies you have been warned, or you can use this to your advantage in which you should.

For this one …. Most girls I believe have done this or tried it. Or done something similar, but of course there is always the Deep throat a banana and snap the video to your man. They instantly imagine that it is their dick going down your throat. If they aren’t excited and horny after that, well then GET RID OF THAT PUSSY ASS BITCH that calls himself a man!

Now, get sending that sext, or dirty pic, or just go sit on your man’s lap and say were fucking! Have a great time!Ladies this is just a handful of ways you can turn your man! If you want more ideas, or even topics you would like to read on leave a comment for us !

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