How long can you go between banging?

Some people can go a couple weeks, a week, a couple of days, a day, or only a few hours… Everyone is different where do you fall in this category?

I think for a lot of people this goes on how much you enjoy the sex with the person you do the deed with! If the sex is super fucking good, then I am going to want it in hours, ya know a couple times a day, the more kinkier as we go. Lmao! However, on the same note some people can only take like once a day and that’s fine, but us kinky freaks need it like a lot. The joy that comes out of riding that cock or pounding your chick is a boost of happiness. I mean have you ever had sex and been mad about it? Hopefully, No? The rush of positive energy radiates as you both fucking cum hard as fuck, it’s hot as fuck and you both can go about life on a more positive note for the day! Who doesn’t want to get fucked hard and rough and enjoy it like crazy, then be able to go about your day with a big ass smile as you see all the other people in the world not as happy as you, cause they didn’t just get fucked! We all know these people we see them all the time, not happy cause they ain’t getting laid!

Some days are just so stressful that you crave having some good hard Sex. If your work day fucking sucked which happens to ALOT OF MOTHERFUCKERS, if it’s snowing, or if you got stuck in traffic, which happens to everyone and anyone who gets stuck in traffic becomes close to being a murdering psycho cause the whole fucking world can’t drive cause they are fucking morons, then sex is the ultimate answer to your stressful day! Just going fucking hard with your partner will help alleviate the negativity, and bring on the positivity. If you know your partner has had a bad day why not surprise them with a little romantic fuck.  Or simple you got a text from your partner who is just angry and stressed from their day, when you see them don’t even speak just rip their clothes off. Who the doesn’t like that? Like rub their shoulders, kiss their neck, and then just fucking pound that pussy! Or ladies suck that dick! 

The time that goes between you freaks fucking will only build how fucking bomb it will be when you get to, fyi. Like think about it you guys don’t bang for three days, that’s three whole days of no sex , no cumming, and no moaning. That’s three whole days of fucking cum on your face bitches, enjoy that. The climax is harder for him, the tease gets more irritating and he wants it more, and the anticipation to get your clothes off is wild! Let’s just admit we get cranky as fuck when we don’t have sex for a couple of days so when the time comes it’s like let’s do this and do this now!

Now, when it has been awhile, ladies forgive your man, not being able to fuck for a couple of days and the dude not rubbing one out, will just make him have a hard time being able to last just FYI.  Basics is this, if the guy isn’t fucking regularly then he can’t last long, if you are fucking regularly, helps him build up a tolerance type of deal where he can last longer.  There will be more to come on this topic.  But anyway just accept if its been awhile, then that sex will most likely not last long unless he’s taking matters into his own hands LITERALLY lol. In all honesty, if you get mad at him for not lasting get the fuck on it only shows that he appreciates your sex more than doing it for himself ?

So get to fucking regularly you sluts, and enjoy!

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