Getting it on … on the road ?!

You read that right? Car sex, road head, sex while driving, sex adventures….. Just a friendly reminder, drive carefully!! But also know where the pot holes are at… fellas you’ll love it… hit that pothole just right where you don’t damage the car, but you get to shove your cock deep in her throat all on “accident” . Therefore if your girl doesn’t deep throat, well first tell her she needs to, ladies reading you need to do this.

So, how hot is it that you cannot just wait to get home and you need to fuck right then and there?? It’s hot as fuck. You and your man are out bar hopping and just cannot wait for after the drive home… Car Sex Ladies and Gentlemen.  Fucking hot, grinding, and hardcore getting fucked in the backseat, or the front seat, shit even on the hood. You choose, just do it hard and do it right! Just don’t get caught!

Quick pause on the story. First if you aren’t deep throating and your man has had his cock deep down some other sluts throat, well then you better believe he wants that again. That could lead to the end of your relationship… sorry but its true. Second fellas if she is willing to take your cock as deep as she’s physically willing and trying to, please do not be the fucktard that tries to shove her head down more, this is how YOU NO LONGER GET HER TO DEEP THROAT YOU! So don’t be a fucking idiot, if anything say out loud go deeper and see what happens. However if she’s a royal submissive slut, who wants to literally to be choking and almost dying on your cock, then go balls to the wall and be sure to drop a comment on that below!

Road head, the good ol’ blowjob while driving, every guys favorite! Get to cruise with some music, probably just downloaded the latest album by your fave artist. You pull up to a red light waiting, you look over at your girl, she puts her hand on your thigh, rubs your leg, and moves in and begins to undo your belt, then unzip your pants, you lean in and start making out as she starts to grab hold of that cock and break it free from your jeans and boxers. You both start to lightly moan, the light hits green, you start to go, so does she. She puts her head down and gets down and goes to town. Ladies your head should be in his lap and really going to town. He is now focused on driving safe, dodging cops, and finding the longest winding back road to cruise and get his dick sucked off. Just always remember fellas, and ladies remind your man, when you are about to cum always give a slight warning! Fellas they already know its cumming, but a heads up is always a positive, and fellas don’t crash!

Moving forward to fucking in the car! Fucking in the backseat is probably the hottest in my opinion, also the most spacious therefore making it the best. Having the lady on top of you so she can really get down on your cock. She can use the seat to hold herself up and ride the fuck out of you…. This works really well if you have an SUV like a Jeep or even a truck, something with some room. If you try this in a Ford Focus, I will start laughing now! (Please leave a comment on how it went lol, or share your stories of fucking in a car)

Overall, car Sex, road head and just fucking in a vehicle is adventurous and fun and really should experience it once in a lifetime. Some people will say it can be awkward, but its not if you and your partner are kinky fucks that like to explore.

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