Facial’s Baby

Its a fucking spa day ladies! HAHAHAHA. Girls are so finicky on this and I don’t understand it at all because guys get off so hard on it. So, you want to really please your man? Get on your knees and take it baby. Take it right on your face, close your eyes, moan listen to your man groaning hard as fuck! Take that cum load all over your face just like the pornstars do! Be the pornstar your man jerks off to!

Sure, your makeup might run… it will get ruined, there will be cum everywhere, it could get in your hair, could get in your eye (close your eyes while he’s still humming on your face) but sex is about going all out right? I mean lets think of the trade off here. He usually has his head between your thighs, he gets down and dirty, therefore get to it ladies. Let your man blow his load all over your face, with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes, lick your lips clean, rub the cum off your face onto your fingers and lick your fingers clean get all that cum in your mouth and then open your mouth and show all that cum to your man, then swallow it down! After open your mouth showing your man its all gone, then while your mouth is still open put his dripping cum soaked cock back in your mouth and suck it clean! But be gentle incase you do not know a mans cock after he cums is extremely sensitive, so be gentle, think of It as a slow blow (BMS-go watch it lol).

  1. If you doing this doesn’t get your man fucking fired the fuck up with the words of ‘Holy fucking shit this is fucking hot’ or something like that, if you do not get a mind blowing expression from him, then kick him the fuck out, or don’t do this shit ever again cause he obviously didn’t appreciate your porn star performance like he does when he jerks off to the same shit.

2. This type of shit may not be up your ally, that’s okay you do not need to go balls to the wall on getting a facial at first, but keep in mind if you do not mind it, your man SHOULD want to give you a facial when possible, so don’t be afraid to bring it up even earlier in the day. Maybe at lunch send your man a text saying something simple as, “tonight when we fuck, you are going to cum on my face and I’m going to lick your dick clean!” TRUST ME he will probably have a half chub going on throughout the day!

3. Don’t be afraid to try it out, maybe for your first time have your first facial in the shower, washes right off. Guys you are welcome for the mention lol!

Ladies and gents, do not be afraid of the glorious facial! Give it a shot, there is always some good and bad experiences you hear about, but fuck that make your own experience! Worst case it can be something you and your man laugh about later on! Enjoy!

Leave a comment on what your opinions are of facials. Likes/Dislikes and any other advice…

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