So, guys like vibrators to?

Well guys , after a little investigating it’s come to my attention that the male population can also have a little fun in bed with your vibrator! People are probably like what the fuck right now. If I’m being completely honest , your sex gets hotter, the way you do things gets hotter and I think we can equally say you both get hotter .

Fellas just cause the lady brought the vibrator out for herself doesn’t mean it can’t do wonders for you! Also do be sure to remember to finish her though, its just respectful.

At anytime ladies that you are sucking on his cock, feel free to use your vibe as well, low light intensity, on the underside of his cock, or gently on his balls, so even if not during sex maybe he just came home and you need to put something in your mouth and his cock is what you are fancying at that moment, grab the vibrator tell him to sit down and relax, and use that vibrator at low speeds to start. Then edge him by speeding things up as you guys go, you will literally see it in his eyes. lol. Use it on his cock, his balls then take a break from his cock and use that vibe on your pussy while you are swallowing up that cock. Have fun!

Lets say like when the guy is fucking the lady from behind, the lady can reach under and use her vibe on her clit, but at the same time when the guy is fucking every stroke as his cock moves in deeper his cock it will also hit/or slide on that vibrator, and it will be a holy motherfucking shit this is crazy awesome! So ladies can help! Ladies, as you are reaching under and stimulating that soaking wet pussy and your throbbing clit, if you can slide the vibrator back further, it will then be vibrating on the underside of his cock, then as his cock slides deep in that pussy, his cock runs along the vibrator till finally reaching the guys balls. That is where the vibration gets pretty crazy for the guy, and the guy is kinda having a stroke while simultaneously his cock is stroking back and forth on that pussy! Ladies and gents definitely give this a shot, you will be so happy you did!

Now the big one… the real fucking deal… the moment where the guys heart stops, and his cock is rock fucking hard, his eyes are fucking looking in two different directions and he has literally no words…

The final climax!

Fellas if you have yourself a fucking slut in the bedroom , like you should, then this is definitely the moment you wanna give a try. Ladies this is the moment where you will literally be able to see your man lose his fucking mind and that you are pleasing him well.

For the final act, ladies swallow that motherfuckers cock up in that cute slut mouth of yours & fellas enjoy that mouth! At the moment when the guy is about to cum, put his cock in your mouth, suck him off to finally finish him. As you are sucking him off, he is pumping his cum load down your throat.We this is all taking place go ahead and take your vibrator and put it on the underside of his cock, or balls, or both whatever works. He is about to have probably one of the most intense orgasms he has ever had, ladies you are about to witness something you have never witnessed before!

Give this a shot, leave a comment on what you think, if you tried it and how it went! Also remember to send us your stories, or questions, or anything you feel like you want us to know!

Have fun fucking you fucking perverts!

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