Tips on Giving Good Head

Alright, ladies and Gentleman. Blow jobs. Becky. Head. Sucking Fucking Cock. It’s an art that a lot of bitches just can’t get with! It can be enjoyable not even for him but also you if you learn to enjoy it and do it. Like your pussy should be fucking dripping from pleasing your man and if your not you’re doing it wrong!

So, let’s not fucking use our teeth. Lips fucking go over them and get ready to take that full cock in your mouth and down your throat! Your lips are the key to making it feel good. Your tongue movement counts and should be something you do. Your hands should be giving the stroke or gently caressing his balls! Even take your hands and grip the back of his thighs so you can really take the cock full in length. Come on make it feel good ! It’s all about gliding your mouth down his shaft to his balls and letting him fuck your face. Have a gag reflex? No problem, we’ll talk about that too!

The noises that your mouth makes when your sucking on him also turn him the fuck on, so really suck on that cock ladies! Hey dirty with it, let your mouth be all over it and get it DRIPPPPPING wet. No seriously, spit on his cock and let daddy know how fucking wet your going to make it! Guys ask your girl how bad she wants this dick. If your guys is not hard when you start he’s guaranteed to get hard as you sit here and do this. There is nothing hotter than watching your man get excited and hard because of what your saying and doing ! Guys lay down and watching your chick suck your dick is hotter than ever and she gets more range on being able to fuck it and go back to sucking on it!

Lets dive deep into deep throating ! The god of your head game ! Letting his thick fucking cock bounce up against the back of your throat! Taking it in and shoving it way back in there repeatedly. Him making your eyes water and you gag as you start to choke, but it feels good. Your eyes may water but ladies let’s see how far you can get it down there. Just a tip if when your doing this you try to focus your mind on something else it would help with the whole choking thing! Guys love this shit.

You should worship the dick well you suck on him and just let him know how much you enjoy it! Tell him and say how bad you want it in your mouth and how good it tastes!

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