Drunk Sex & The Truth

Drunk Sex

Drinks can lead to sexual happiness and adventures. Absolutely not saying this is the only way that you find this, but sometimes it’s kinda fun to do it drunk. I mean literally do it, drunk sex is amazing. Drunk times can often lead to things getting weird, but in a good way. There are nights where people drink together and then have amazing fucking sex. Why is it so much better? Tune in bitches.

The Growing Confidence

So, you guys have had some drinks at the bar and are ready to go home ( well hopefully DD ) , or you are even home and you are both feeling really good. A lot of these feelings have to do with the alcohol, but it’s good. Its a known fact people have more confidence a few drinks in and that the flirting begins. Your girl has her sexy girl disguise on and guys in suites (God Damn, INSTANT TURN ON ). At this point there is nothing more that is wanted but to rip each others clothes off and bang for hours on end. I also must add in if you need to shower after your night out drunk shower sex can be super fun as well, but please be careful.

Light Spirited Adventures

So let’s get to business here. You’re both drunk and jump in bed, or wherever. Feeling light and feeling high-spirited you get adventurous. The moaning gets louder, things feel really good because your body is on almost a high. The truth is flowing during this time because drunk you seems to make everyone hotter including the woman or man that your undressing right now. Drinking can also lead to aggressive behavior in which can stimulate harder fucking. It also tends to make people more blunt and the truth comes out in what they want. Things get more raunchy after bourbon.

Hours & Hours

One of the best things about sex when you’re intoxicated is that you can go for hours. This helps lasting longer or prolonged intercourse because guys can sometimes go for hours without coming because of the alcohol that is in your system. He might not cum, that’s okay though because at this point I am sure you have a couple of times. Trying different positions because its been going on so long is a must with this. The air is light and you guys are both going hard into the paint. Why not at this point try new things since you’re both in high spirits. Try weird sex positions, let her ride your face, and fucking let him give you a facial.

Think before you Peak

Last, but not the least of this topic. Alcohol makes everyone look like a model. Please control yourself so that you don’t wake up next to yoda. Alcohol makes your sense of attraction a little out of hand and this can cause quite some rethinking about your choices the night before. You don’t want your bedroom full of regrets and hard feelings the next morning, so drunk one night stands are great sometimes and other times they can just turn off the idea of drinking. Think before you peak baby.

We would absolutely love to hear about your drunk sex stories, or even funny drink sex stories, please submit them!

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