How Fitness and Exercise does wonders for your Sex life!

Let’s talk fitness….Do you ever go to the gym and hit a sesh really hard then walk out and notice you’re horny as fuck? It’s probably because an intense gym session can actually boost your libido. There are different contributing factors that make you walk out of the gym horny as fuck. The gym does good for you and your sex life, trust me.

Just to start off one thing that really contributes to a higher sex drive from fitness is the fact that your blood is flowing! Exercise really gets your blood pumping. Which improves your overall body in so many ways.  For instance some health knowledge for you fuckers out there, exercise helps improve sleep, depression, and anxiety by releasing the hormone serotonin, which then will help release endorphins which give off the feeling of positivity and happiness.  Exercise helps improve your heart health which is the MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN in your body!! Which correlate to sex! Bad heart = bad sex by having a low sex drive! You can’t be getting horny when your heart is more concerned with just keeping you fucking alive! So, take care of your heart!

Most importantly exercise helps change your body and how it looks, which can then improve your own self confidence. Everyone wants to look good naked, some people have such low self esteem issues on how they look,m. Most of the time they do look fine, but to improve their own self opinion they should get to the gym! Ask yourself or ask anyone, have you ever heard some one say, “Well fuck, I wish I didn’t do that workout!” NO ONE FUCKING SAYS THAT! If they do they are a fucking liar, so feel free to punch them in the face or kick them in the nuts.  Just my opinion of course lol.  Anyway lets get back on track.

Exercise! Go fucking exercise, you can literally, just go for 2 walks a day, 20 minutes a piece and that alone will improve your heart, which will improve your energy levels by increasing blood flow throughout your body, which will then improve your overall feeling of happiness, which then will make you horny and want to fuck!  Not saying this will happen after 1 day, but seriously stop fucking wondering if this is true and fucking go do it!  Once you try this and see the benefits, which for the fellas, if you are having a hard time getting a boner, or keeping your dick hard, that is due to a lack of oxygen and blood flow which takes us back to the GYM discussion. Fellas, if you are not getting as many blowjobs as you wish you were due to your dick not being able to stay hard, definitely get your ass on the treadmill! Sure, there could be a more serious problem, but your doctor will recommend to improve your fucking health first by going to a gym, and getting your lazy ass off the couch!  For those that want to really improve, go get a gym membership, join a gym. Everyone is always nervous about joining a gym, EVERYONE! Think of it as like when you go to a new school, you are the new kid, but the gym is even better.  Think of it as you have officially taken the first step to improve yourself, and everyone around you is doing the same thing as you! They are there to improve themselves, it is a fucking positive place!

Side note if you happen to see a person there, that has the look, or physique you wish to have, make the move and go say hi! Ask them for advice, how they started, ask them about their DIET!! Do not ask what supplements they take!  You are a beginner, your first job is to just get to the gym, workout efficiently, and start eating healthy. The pint of Ben & Jerry’s half baked is not helping! Just saying, if I don’t say it to you, no one will!!! So put down that fucking spoon, and start looking into exercise!

Exercise, health and sex they all go together!  LITERALLY! They are all connected, you have to go lift the weights, or exercise, eat the heathy fucking food, go on your 20 minute fucking walks all so you can go home and fuck the lady waiting at home for you. Ladies go home and ride your mans dick that is can be considered cardio! LMAO !  This applies to the ladies and fellas, so everyone out there that is trying to improve their sex life, it all starts with exercise, and diet, which links to your libido!  Unless you are some rare freak who can just eat ice cream and pizza, and be a fat ass and still have a high sex drive, but is that person getting fucked on the regular? Hmmm…. Think about it!

So, ladies and gents hopefully this was helpful, if you are looking for more topics like this or something similar, for the love of fucks sake, leave a comment if you like it/hate it/ want more shit like this or less lol! I can only bring you all relevant good information if you let me know what you are looking for!