Did they see us….?


Whats the Big Deal?

So, like do me in a fucking gym locker room, Bro. The act of getting caught or being watched is something that gets people off, and can also get you on a list so let’s be careful? The fact that you can fuck in a public place with people around you and that they can possibly hear you is a huge turn on. Why is that though? Is it because you’re getting fucked hard and raw and up against the wall in a public place on a Tuesday night and is it because some nice fucking lady with a moral compass is out shopping with her screaming kids and husband who isn’t paying attention to shit and he’s probably day dreaming about the last time he got fucked! Please, do tell.

A Night Out

The thrill of getting caught has been portrayed in movies from long time ago till now, and let me tell you its fucking hot. Guys, let’s say that you are bar hopping with your lady and you just want to lift up her tiny short dress and fuck her, do it. Take her into the bathroom, some bars there might only be one, use it. So, people might be like what the fuck that’s nasty. Thats not the point. Let her blow you for a minute, grab onto it and then bend her over. Ladies, be discreet and grab your man’s cock while sitting at the bar get him hard and tease the fuck out of him. He will not be against this, I promise! Well most guys should not be against this… It’s the act of the fact that you are doing something so fucking sexual and there is people all over the fucking place. It’s a fucking thrill and a HUGE turn on!

They do it in Porn?

Now, there is probably a porno of every single public place and someone getting fucked there. It takes being sneaky, because your girl isn’t just going to be pussy popping in the library like the bitch in the thick rimmed glasses getting fucked on the desk you see in those hot pornos. You gotta work for that shit and be smart about it num nutz. That library at your school with all those study rooms? Fuck there. It will bring a whole new level to University, Guaranfuckingteed. Go have fun and go be rigoddamndiculous! If I think back to my university days there was a music building on campus that I always passed thru during the winter months cause it is fucking cold as balls out side and walking across campus you learn some shortcuts through buildings, so the music building had the piano rooms where fuckers go to practice and there’s these shit windows to see in the rooms that half the time are covered up anyway. So be fucking prepared, bring like a fucking bluetooth speaker playing some piano music, fuck your lady! You are covering up the act like you are practicing some piano playing as you have your lady bent over the fucking keyboard! Its fucking hot! Now get out there and get it! Fucking right!

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