Stress, Sex, & Serotonin

Ever been really fucking stressed out? Ever been so overwhelmed that you didn’t know how to calm your self or relax? If you have said no to those questions first off you are a fucking liar, just to put that out there! We have the answer to this problem because lets face it we have all been there.

SEX! Lots of sex! Everyone gets stressed out, life is stressful and can make your anxiety fly through the roof! happens to us all! We all have days where all you wanna do is get home and fuck! Where you just wanna get home and bend your lady over and fuck her hard as fuck! Ladies, we know that you would rather walk into the door to your mans lap. Where you don’t even need words, you just walk in, grab her rip her clothes off, bend her over, grab hold of her hair and slide your cock deep in that pussy and fuck all that stress and anxiety away!

That moment when you just don’t think you can take much of life anymore and everything and anything goes wrong in your day. Traffic, your co workers, its raining whatever it might be can stress people to the walls. Sex, seems to bring down the amount of anxiety and also can just make people happier in general. When you have sex your body starts to produce Oxytocin. Oxytocin is released when people have sex and endorphins are also released at this time. These are natural pain killers which is why your body feels giddy and light after the big O. Guys, its just science there is no reason to not have sex if you are mad, or just on the daily to keep your stress levels low.

Not to just mention oxytocin, but there are several hormones that are released during sex. The high positive energy as your ripping your ladies clothes off are contributed by dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones bring out the energy and also the giddy nature, you know what I am talking about. Serotonin, just another hormone to graze on is what makes you want this sex so bad. The serotonin levels contribute to ones mood, so if you are stressed out, go ahead and thank that one.

Not wanting to jump into science so much, but just to explain a little on how things happen and why. We really think that stress can be relieved with a good hard fucking. If you are having a bad day, go home and just rip your mans clothes off and blow his fucking world with your mouth.

Leave us a comment or send us a message about your favorite spur of the moment hard sex. We want to know what you felt.

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  1. The last time was when I had a chance for a quickie and I knrw my bf was busy working on something, so I pounced him. He got a creative boost and we both got some much needed stress relief. And he was so happy and loving what I did, which made me even happier. Love your posts, buddy. Keep it up ?

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