Is your sex in Gear?

Listen, new topic, going to dive deep into fitness for a second. Lately, just watching some fitness videos on youtube, and have come across countless videos of huge motherfuckers taking gear. If you don’t know what gear is, it is steroids for all of you out there that don’t know. So ladies, listen up, fellas we are breaking out the truth here, sorry about that, but facts are fucking facts!


So first off, fellas you wanna get big? Like swole? Ripped? Oh alright, well here, jump into gear! Take it! You will get HUGE! Sure, you will get huge if you take it right, but don’t fucking kill yourself in the process. With all the random cocktails out there in the world it would not be hard. Anyway, moving on, gear. Gear is a nickname in the realm of steroids but the main ingredient is testosterone. However, when taken in high doses it shuts down the ol’ boys downstairs (I mean your fucking testis ), absoloutly shuts them down. The body is now getting injected testosterone and your balls don’t need to work, they can take the day off. From this, your best friend, your Johnson, your roommate Richard lol whatever you call your dick will also take a break. Well your dick don’t work, like whiskey dick, bro! Gear is steroids, the main steroid used is testosterone.


Ladies, this could be something you may need to ask your man. If you are going to fuck and your man’s dick can’t get hard, he could have different type of issues, and here at the dirty donut we are not doctors. If so fellas, get your shit checked out, ASAP! However, the fellas who are trying to get big and who are getting bigger, and ladies you notice this in your man. If his dick don’t work there’s a strong chance he is running a cycle of some gear, and now is having some issues cause he fucked up and read some bullshit post somewhere thinking if that guy can do it so can I. A lot of times if this does happen it’s also super dangerous to the amounts he will be injecting and may not be safe for him, especially if it is his first cycle. When he just shoots for the stars, taking fucking as much as he can, and doesn’t think of how his body is not going to function years later down the road.

Besides that, its fact there are so many articles posts, and tons of youtube videos and other shit about people who take this stuff and their dicks don’t work. First off, fellas if your dick don’t work, how are you going to function? You are going to act like a pissed off neanderthal banging on your chest thinking you are some bad ass motherfucker. In reality, you are just a dude who can lift heavy ass shit and aren’t even getting down with your lady. Some guys will also turn to other helpful things just to get it back on track to have sex! The hell!

The “Too Tired” Method

After browsing the internet and falling down the rabbit hole we discovered this was a topic that all you fuckers out there are researching. What are you going to tell your old lady ? Most guys jump to the ” hey, I’m just not in the mood” or even “hey, I had a hard day so I can’t get hard” or whatever bullshit excuse you got. Literally, if you having a functioning dick and all the sudden your shit stops working…. something new has happened to your body. Your girl is going to notice, no way around hiding this, remember they are small investigators, so you better fucking tell her. You better have some plan in effect to counter this. It could also be as simple as just don’t take gear, shit isn’t good for you. In reality, all dudes wanna get huge. So, they result to gear without doing their research on drugs/TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy).

But now as always, treat your significant other, grab their ass all the time, treat them with respect.

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