Off Too Quick to the Races? Part 1

Ladies and gents, this is a sore topic that no one likes to really discuss or address. Fucking A, it needs to be addressed because it is a major fucking issue in the world and can be prevented, or prolonged! Incase you haven’t caught on, I am talking about premature ejaculation. Dudes , you are busting too fast! Depending on what you and your girl have worked out you may want to take a couple steps to prolong & last longer in bed. Only except if you are having a quickie, because obviously it a quickie the name literally describes lets fuck real fast! So let’s dive into this shit!

1. Take care of business the old fashion way!

Meaning if you know you will be fucking the ol’ lady later that day, sometimes you can’t just hop in the sack with one in the chamber, know what I am saying lol, sometimes you need to rub one out ahead of time. If you do this, DO NOT MAKE IT A REGULAR THING, if you do it regularly you’ll fuck your self up. You will always think you need to jerk off ahead of time, then you will get in your head and sex will be even worse, you will bust even faster, or even worse YOUR FUCKING DICK WONT GET HARD! Ya, try explaining that to your lady who’s all horned up ready to ride that dick and you got a fucking half chub rocking because your mind is racing! So, give it a try once in awhile, but learn to control your dick bro!

2. Gym/Exercise some sort of hard physical activity!

Think about it, when you are fucking tired you still have energy and can do shit. By physically exerting energy for some sort of fitness, it will not only improve your STAMINA in the bedroom, but everyone wants to look good naked. It builds confidence, makes your girl more into you, which in turn makes you feel way fucking better about yourself. Then you are ready to go to fucking pound town! This will help you last a little longer in bed in the short game, but adopting a healthier lifestyle of exercise and eating better foods will help you in the long game. Remember you are what you eat, if you eat like a fat piece of shit, you are going to be a fat piece of shit. Butttt, if you clean up that shit diet, lift some fucking weights, build more confidence, increase your stamina….. you will turn into a raging fucking bull.m Your girl will be screaming daddy fuck me harder and you will become a new fucking man! So fucking get it done, go be a fucking beast!

3. Sleep

Alright, the one thing we are all guilty of not getting enough of is SLEEP! Sleep, is when we rebuilds and recover which improves our overall body! During our sleep we rest, which then we wake up refreshed, positive, and ready to conquer the fucking world! Sleep also soothes our central nervous system, and that is beyond damn important to replenish and let it recuperate!  A good night sleep most importantly recharges your libido, your sex drive hormone. Therefore, its pretty fucking important if you want that cock of yours to be doing work! Now go lay next to your girl, who’s probably rocking some hot Victoria Secret lingerie, that you can rip off.

4. Quit Smoking

Alright if you are a cigarette smoker, it maybe time to ditch that habit for the sake of your dick! Whats more important smoking cigs, or having a working cock to satisfy your lady? Go ask your fucking lady and see how she responds. I dare you. We all know she will say quit smoking, so we can start having awesome sex!  So now you will be improving your overall health, saving money, and being able to last longer in the sack! You. Are. Welcome.  

5. Last longer Pills

Okay, this is just for the sake of your dick, the one time, sure that’s fine, but no more. Absolutely, no more than 1 or 2 times! If you continually use those fucked up pills to help you last longer in bed that hang at fucking gas station counters, well then sir you are totally fucked! YOU ARE FUCKED! Literally, look at the packages! Most of them don’t even tell you what the fucks in that shit! There are so many articles about dudes taking those fucking things and having major dick problems where they now can’t even get their dick hard and they are in their mid 20’s and up! Like literally DON’T FUCKING DO THAT! Ladies read this, now grab your man, smack him in the face, his Johnson will thank you, by you probably putting your mouth around his cock! Then just be like if you never want your dick sucked again, you will never take those pills. The Ultimatum.

Hopefully this helps scratch the surface on some things you can do, and some things to NOT DO!  Please leave a comment on what you did, or didn’t like.If you want more post like this let us know, and we will deliver the fucking news.

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