Sex positions to Watch It All

Sex Positions to Watch It All

Ladies and Gents listen up! During sex, maybe one of you likes to watch a little more than the other? Otherwise, maybe one just likes to watch? Whatever the case might be, and if the other doesn’t give a fuck because they know they are getting their rocks off whether they watch it all go down, or have their eyes closed, or face shoved in a pillow, I get it. Everyone has a thing, everyone likes to watch here and there, but most of the time we are too busy trying to keep our shit together in the moment because it all feels so damn fucking good! In relevance, I know how you feel.

Therefore, here is a quick read for you fuckers who like to watch while having sex. What we mean is that you like to be able to see all that is happening in that moment! Here are some positions to try, and to your arsenal!

Full Frontal

Full frontal, aka girl on top, but with a twist.

Now, fellas sit back and let your lady hop on top of your cock. During this position sitting up with your back against the wall, or laying flat down, you decide in that moment. From there, you need your legs straight out, your lady is on top of your cock now. Side note, ladies, take your mans dick and rub it on your pussy to get it nice and wet. She can then lean back and put her hands on your shins to support herself. Now, you get to watch the pussy slide up and down all over your cock. Have fun, rub her clit, rub on those sexy tits, pinch her nips, some choking if you’re into that.

Always, feel it out and see what you can pull off, and always what you are both comfortable with. Try this out, give it a shot, girl on top with her leaning back. If she is more dominant, which ladies get to it, instead of her leaning back, she can lean forward more. She would put her hands on your shoulders and pin you down. She could you a little choke. Still being able to watch her tits bounce seeing her slide around on your cock.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror mirror ,on the wall!

Doggystyle, but with a mirror, duh! Sex in front of a mirror is always fucking hot. This is probably relevantly more hot for the lady though. Fellas get to get behind their girl and fuck her bent over all the time, and its fanfuckingtastic! Instead of always smashing her face in the pillows, she gets to have a show, and gets to watch you fuck her. You also get to see the look on her face a lot better as you are plowing her from behind. Therefore, move to the bathroom and fuck over the counter. If you have a mirror in the hallway of your house fuck on the ground in front of it. Stand her up , right in front of the mirror and let her watch you fuck that ass! Never forget to spank that ass and give her hair a tug! ?

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl with another slight change.

This is more for the mans benefit, but if the lady does it right she can take a peek and watch as well. So, as stated you gotta get into reverse cowgirl first, which is always a mans favorite watching his lady bounce that ass! For this one, fellas you gotta be laying flat, but may want a pillow under your head so it’s easier to stare ?. So as you are laying flat fellas, ladies while in reverse cowgirl, instead of sitting up, lay forward putting your tits on the bed/ground. If you do yoga you’re going to be in a child’s pose. Just moving your hips and bouncing that ass up and down, it’ll give it a different feel for both parties. Fellas will of course enjoy the show as always. Ladies as you are laying flat as you can go ahead and take a peak and look under yourself back at your pussy. Watch your mans cock sliding back and forth, and there may even be a gap where you can see your mans face as he is grinning.

Off The Couch/Bed Move

The ‘Off the couch/ Bed move.

This can be done kneeling or standing, fellas will probably prefer standing, but try it out both ways and see for yourself. For this move, it is basic, but little moves give it a twist. Start with your lady laying flat on her back, either on the edge of the bed, or on the edge of the couch. We are talking her ass is basically hanging off. Fellas if you don’t hold onto her she will basically you’refall off the bed. Ladies start off by laying on your back close to the edge.

Bro’s be the fucking man, be a fucking beast, as she’s close to the edge grab hold of her legs and fucking pull her in close to your hard cock as you are standing at the edge of the bed and slide your cock in that wet pussy. You get a great view looking down at her wet pussy, seeing those lovely tits out there, and her face as you are taking her to another level. When you have her pussy/ass off the edge of bed, you want to slightly lift her hips up like half an inch to where her hips/pussy is elevated in your hands. Add a slight bend in your knees, and start fucking away hardcore. This allows for your cock, instead of just sliding straight in and out, to have a slight arc and hit the upper inside of her pussy. If you are doing it right you can hit more of the famous g-spot that all guys want to seek and destroy, like fucking battleship!

Once in this position get to fucking, grab her tits, maybe give her a lil love tap smack in the face, only if she is into that, and it’s consensual, give her a lil choke, ya never know. Ya never know what may happen on the playing field. Remember, to try this ether standing or kneeling.

The Face Fuck

The Face Fuck.

This is still a position that is loved by all guys out there and some woman thoroughly enjoy it. Some love it, but others don’t care for it. Really, its a fucking hot time! First, make sure its consensual and discuss the limits of it. Make sure your lady is all about it and says you can either only do this stuff, or says do whatever the fuck you want! Safewords, might be a thing you should talk about or some kind of sex gesture since your mouth will be full. Gotta discuss this stuff so everyone is happy and it can be enjoyable.

This move is a simpler one and can be performed either before sex, during sex, or a day where you aren’t even having sex. Fellas, you get to treat her pretty little cute mouth and face like its her pussy and fuck away! Go hard, go slow, proceed as discussed beforehand. Shove that thick cock of yours down her throat and see if she likes it thrust away.

Ladies may not realize it, but its fucking hot when they deep throat a cock. As the guy pulls it back out there’s usually saliva that may start to drool on the ladies face, its fucking hot! Just like when a guy cums in your mouth and some slips out on your face, and lips, and tits. If your lady does it right she can get it on all those places, impressive. Fucking hot as fuck! If your man doesn’t like that stuff, throw the whole man away. Back on track, face fucking, have at it and have fun. Actually, if your girl is cool with swallowing cause spitters are quitters, blow your load down her throat then pull out, rub your wet cock on her face and show her who’s in charge. Show her who’s daddy ?. Have fun with it, but be safe with it!

Now theres some fun as fuck positions to fuck, be able to watch the sex act and enjoy the show! If there are more positions you recommend, please leave a comment or message and let us know so we can make another posting and add more positions to share with all you fucking pervs out there! ?

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