The Real Figure 8: Tongue Edition

The Real Figure 8

Do a figure 8 with your tongue…. on my clit. Ladies, how fucking hot is it when a guy expresses to you how bad he wants to eat your pussy. It could be at the beginning, in the middle, or even dessert afterwards. It’s all about how you present it and how much he likes it. There are so many guys in the world who adore doing this whereas there are others who will not even surface about it. Not only does having your dude go down on you feel amazing, but there are a couple things to enhance it.

Guys, the ladies like both your fingers and your tongue, so don’t thing you just have to do that the whole time. As much as you all like variety, so do we. With a dick you can suck on his balls, lick the tip. Well I am here to tell you eating pussy is about the same. GIRLS.LIKE.VARIETY. In relation, that doesn’t mean stay in one spot, get in with it.

Getting things Heated

So guys, get things going with your girl. Start by kissing her neck, then moving down slowly. They get off on that shit alone, but oh wait till your tongue hits her. So, as you are making your way down there, give her a smirk, and tease her. When I say tease her, I mean tease her. Kiss on her inner thighs, go back up for a little, move your hands up her legs. Start to take her panties off, but then don’t. Even run your tongue over her panties, it drives them wild. Please, throw her legs over your shoulders because it shows authority and is fucking hot. Then just slowly move your tongue around and start to turn her on. Switching between your fingers (slowly), your mouth, and both will get her to the edge. Ladies, express to your man what feels good and how you like it! Communication is important for this because who wants to do that with no award winning ending.

Make your Mouth a Sexual Toy

During this, the different speeds, movements of your tongue, and the pressure is going to drive her wild. AGAIN. Woman like variety. Ladies, like if you slow down and then go really fast all well telling her how good she tastes. Side note: Guys you are not a fucking DJ, please don’t do that. Also, you are not trying to suck a smoothie out of a straw either. BE GENTLE.

Everything is A ok.

Now guys, please don’t get discouraged. Its pretty well known, but maybe its not that some ladies it can take quite some time for their build up to happen. What I mean by this, ladies are not like men. Men can cum within minutes, or sometimes hours (depending on the situation). With woman it can be after like 15 minutes, or it could never happen. Depends on the lady. She is going to appreciate the fact you are taking initiative and that you want to go down on her so bad. Plus, if she can’t cum you can get fuck that wet pussy nice and hard and you can finish, or you both can. All the foreplay is going to turn the guys on, and get you nice and hard for the fuck.

Don’t Knock It Until You Try It..

There are some woman who are totally against it, which literally blows my mind because it feels amazing. “Oh that’s gross” or “Why would I want that” drive me straight to believe they have never had it, and reality check, ladies should experience that at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, some woman really fucking like it. They get excited to have their pussy ravaged by their man, and that’s fucking hot. Whether or not you have tried this, or you’re a professional I think knowledge on it is incredibly helpful for both parties. Always remember the tease drives the climax. Get going men, and ladies get ready.

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