Did HE Fake It??

Did he actually cum? Did he really get off? Well, ladies this goes out to you, something to know about. First, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t into you, or you did something wrong, there can be a lot of reasons. This also mainly only can really happen if you and your man use condoms. Let’s be honest, if you do not wear your Trojan’s or Durex, it’s going to be very difficult for him to fake it. Unless he say’s he just shot his cum load on the floor, or somewhere you apparently “can’t see” lol.

Did he Fake it?

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First off ladies, guys faking it, is mainly to make you not feel bad that you can’t get him there. Then, you’ll be thinking does he not find me attractive? Am I that bad in bed? Let’s face it, who knows what sort of shit is going to race through your mind in that fucking moment! We know you ladies like to be reassured. The main thing is that, it isn’t your fault he can’t get there. Unless you are like biting his dick , or flicking his balls, then it would be your fault, if not you are golden.

So, let’s dive into this, guys faking orgasms, can happen for several reasons. This can really only be done when he wears a condom. The first reason he will fake it, simple he is just so fucking exhausted. So, exhausted that he can’t get his dick to fully get ‘there’, meaning he is not going to cum.

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Another reason, which in terms can be the ladies fault, but in reality it isn’t. Ladies, you could be talking dirty to your man. When you are talking dirty to him, it could be what is turning him off. However, that is also his responsibility to speak up and not be a fucking pussy about it. Fellas, if your lady is talking dirty and you don’t like it fucking say something! Then she will stop turning you off and you can get back to fucking and getting to that finish line!

The next point he could be doing this is the relationship could be slowly on its way over… He is too much of a pussy to address the situation with you and talk about it to see if things can improve. If you are at this point, it’s time to move on. Stop faking orgasms to try to keep a dead bedroom together, like fuck that’s so shitty!

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Obvious one, but I don’t know why guys fake it, this shit happens. ALCOHOL, the booze! This could be a relationship, or could be a one night stand, doesn’t fucking matter cause this shit happens all the time to guys. They drink too much and their dick doesn’t work! This is also because the body is trying to rid itself of all the booze and not focus on getting a hard dick since the body is trying to not fucking die! So, this is one where I would think a lot of women have experienced this and its just the fucking way it is, sorry ladies.

If this happens regularly, ladies I suggest you tell your man to slow down on drinking. If you are both out at the bar, tell him to switch to beer and stop drinking the whiskey (this happens a lot with whiskey/bourbon drinkers). It makes it easier so you can blow him when you get home! If he doesn’t put the effort in to switch things up to satisfy his lady, then ladies he can fuck. Then you may want to find yourself a new man!

Side note ladies, if your man was out drinking the night before and his dick didn’t work last night, theres a good chance it won’t work first thing in the morning either, so be ware of that. Get your man up, get some coffee in him have him shower so he’s awake and had some time to recover, then tell your man to get over there and fuck you hard.

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There is also the times where he will fake it simply just because he is having an off day and knows he just wont be able to cum. He is too insecure to be able to just say ‘Hey, my dick isn’t working right today, I wont be able to cum, but i’d be more than happy to fuck you still or something like that. Sex still feels good for guys even if they can’t cum. They say different they a liar and you have permission to smack them in the face. ?

Lastly this is only if you are with an older guy. It sucks but as guys get older, their testosterone lowers and then his dick just doesn’t work that well anymore. To improve you can with exercise, sleep, and a better diet. Not saying it’ll make his old cock work like he’s fresh 20 again. But it is a good start to see if/how much of an improvement it makes. Sometimes for older guys the rebound after sex can be hours or even days. We are no doctor here at The Dirtyy Donut. Get yourself checked out by a doctor and see if they can help.

We’re sad to let you know ladies, but sometimes men will fake orgasms. Hopefully, your man isn’t and has the balls to fess up and say if he won’t cum. However, if he is and you catch it, maybe try to bring it up and let him know its okay, and let’s try to improve on this.

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