Just A Brief Article On Men’s Boxers.

Fellas, there are tons and tons of different style boxers. Which kind to get, which pair, which fit, what size, what style and blah fucking blah! Simple fact all dudes want is a pair of boxers that show off the goods and make your cock and balls feel like they are being strangled and suffocated! Lol, its a fucking fact! So, strap in and check this out!

Alright, most of the time I mostly have bought loose fit boxers, that are fitting, but not snug or constricting on the family jewels. I have been wearing Buffalo Boxers, they aren’t like briefs where the bottom part is kinda snug around the thigh or quad/hamstring close down towards the knee. Still, they are more snug than most other boxers.

Little Background…

I wear compression boxers when going to the gym, mainly Under Armour, because their shit for some reason fits better than Nike. I don’t know why, but its just a fucking fact, sorry Nike, that is why you haven’t got any of my money for compression boxers for the gym. Therefore, Under Armour wins that battle, they fit snug, perfect, and the ol’ cock and balls can still breathe and are held together, which makes running or training an easy battle.

This compares to like ladies with sports bras, they have big ass tits and go running and their boobs are moving up and down and almost smacking themselves in the face. Also ladies, thats fucking hot every guy wants to see that, because guys then know when we take that top off we are going to have our hands full of big boobs and its fucking awesome lol. Now, let’s get back on track, it is the same for guys. Compression boxers keeps our cock and balls from bouncing and swinging all over the place when we go running. So, ladies we do understand what you are experiencing haha.

The Search…

To actual boxers now. I recently had been looking into trying out boxer briefs again and seeing if things were better than before. A few years ago I bought a pair and they were so fucking uncomfortable that it hurt my cock and they kept riding up my legs and bunching up my cock and balls. At work, I was constantly trying to pull the boxer lining down but was damn near impossible. Ever since then I never wanted to try them again.

Recently, a lady friend of mine ? bring up boxer briefs on guys. She said the right pair makes the dude look better and they are hot to see on guys and all that shit. Of course, like every other guy would be I was intrigued about the whole thing. I got online and started to look some up. There are a fuck ton out there and dear lord are they are expensive. Never the less curiosity got to me and I decided to roll the dice, I found the brand SAXX. By the way, they actually have a shit ton, so the variety is great to pick from. I went browsing around and found two pairs I liked on Amazon, the SAXX boxers. I purchased two pairs.

The Purchase…

The two pairs arrived a couple days later due to having Prime service, like a boss haha. I open their crafty fucking box and pull them out. No lie, they were ridiculously comfy soft material. So, I was like alright, alright so far not bad. I tried them on and was impresed with the good fit. The site mentions to go above normal waist size. I am a 32 waist so I would be a normal Medium size, but since the material and how they fit they recommend go up a size. Went with the large and fits fucking perfect. Lesson: Always go by what it recommends, they know their shit. They fit great, feel extremely comfy, so I’m happy.

However, I am also upset with having the same issue. They start to ride up and bunch your cock and balls together , they started to suffocate my dudes. Therefore, I am thinking of ordering another pair, but different style. I got the 6 inch boxer briefs. So when pulled down they are kinda long, but I have big legs, so they wrap around more than go down far. But now I am curious to try out the version of the ‘Trunks’ where they are shorter. I am thinking maybe they wont ride up my legs so much, so i wont be so god damn frustrated when i’m sitting at work and trying to ‘adjust’ na’ what I’m saying lol (Were the Millers).

The Conclusion….

So fellas, don’t be afraid to try out a new pair of boxers, ask your lady what she thinks and maybe that will help you make a decision. It also really turns them on to see you in them. Did you know most girls prefer a picture in your boxers rather than a straight up dick pic? Either way ,SAXX, I maybe ordering from you again, or I may try out a different brand and see what happens. To all you fuckers out there just go do some browsing and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Just A Brief Article On Men’s Boxers.”

  1. the Jockstrap

    JOCKSTRAPS are my preference; however, I do occasionally wear boxers or boxer briefs. Here’s my reasoning for wearing jocks:
    • No wedgies
    • Keeps the boys in place
    • Minimal coverage for better air flow / air conditioning
    • Eliminates swamp ass because of the better air flow

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