The Trust Fuck.

If we could speak about one fucking thing that will ruin your sex life. It’s ruining the communication and the trust that you have with that person. Fasten your seatbelts fuckers, this ones going to be bumpy. For real though, if something is bumpy you should probably go check out Roman.

The Trust Fuck.

So, trust. If you are sleeping with someone they should be able to trust you. I am not talking about some chick or dude that you met at the bar, but the consistent person in your life, or your SO. There needs to be trust for several different reasons: mental sanity, good sex, and you gotta be able to fucking talk. There are times when things get in the way, but don’t let it because I promise you everything will change. If you make a mistake, own the fuck up. No, seriously girls are getting really good at your games and have started to play their own.

Heres the DL.

Why does any of this matter? Not only will you let that person down, but your whole life and communications with that person are going to change. Once the trust is gone, everything is gone. The sex is going to be horrible because lets face it they might not even want to look at you.

  • For the guys, please stop playing the I don’t know what you’re talking about game. Woman already know what you did and who you did it with, so you look like an ass when you try to lie your ass off. You know exactly what you did, so swallow the load and own up to it and don’t be a bitch.
  • For the ladies, JESUS, PLEASE STOP JUMPING TO UNNECESSARY CONCLUSIONS! I mean yeah red flags and gut feelings are real, but know the difference and trust your man. Guys will literally run at the sight of you looking through their phone, checking up on them, so really unless its an emergency, NO GO!

Starting off with scenarios, you found out that your SO, man, blow job consultant, whatever, is cheating. I mean sure your first instinct is that you’re hurt and that you’re upset, but then it’s to fucking scream. That shit hurts! After this entire saga ends, you now have two unhappy people, no good sex, and exhaustion from the argument. Why the fuck did this sound like a good plan? Imagine you guys rekindle or whatever, and it was this huge blown out, drawn out fight because that’s how you handled it. One party is going to remember that forever, no doubts about it. The sex is never going to be where it was. If you communicate like normal adults and can talk things out rekindling the fire is absolutely still manageable. It’s all about the talking it out aspect of things and that is so important, as stated above.

To The Cheaters:

To the Cheaters: Just fucking stop what you’re doing. If you don’t like the relationship that you are in, or who you are seeing, end it. Walk away. It’s going to be easier for them in the long run if you just walk away and let them live a happy life. You are so not doing them any good, you’re hurting them, in the end you are hurting yourself, no one is winning from the actions that you are taking.

People always say one and done when it comes to cheaters and they are never looking back. Well, some and most of the time that is true, but sometimes just talking it out might actually help things whether it might be leaving off where you left off, or just staying respectful acquaintances. Trust me when I say, even if it doesn’t work out, but you end up separate and okay, they will still live with that.

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