You hard right now?

This is more for ladies information, fellas this is just stating the hardship that you have to deal with! Random boners, random hard ons, random erections, whatever the fuck you want to call it guys get random boners all the time if they have any sort of decent sex drive. Sadly, for the dudes if you have a lower sex drive you may get random boners, but not nearly as much.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

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Now, the random boner can literally happen at any time! The part of the boxers made to conceal it do not fucking work. The pouch is garbage. Any time, this can happen during almost any activity! Examples like hanging out on the couch, sitting in class at school, or worst of them all when you are sitting at your desk at work! Literally the worst! Depending on what type of job you have depends on what kind of pants you have to wear. If you are a dude who has this issue hopefully you’ve figured it out on how to deal and mange with this ridiculous fucking problem.

It’s all in the pants bro.

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But main tips fellas BLACK FUCKING PANTS! If your job require you to wear dress pants, then go with black pants this can help hide a stiffy! IF you are trying to show it off, its all about the grey sweatpants. However, if you happen to be rocking a hard on at work and you are just sitting there trying to press it down and hoping to god that no one walks over to you , then you got a real mother fucking problem! Tip for this issue: If you have to get up and walk somewhere with a stiffy, put your hand in your pockets to help poof your pants out and hopefully no one notice your fucking Big Johnson at a full stand still! 😂

Just Give them a little slack…..😏

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Theres some tips on how to help cover it up, besides that, start fucking punching your self in the leg and force the blood from your dick to go somewhere else haha. Or just fucking hit yourself in the balls, that’ll hurt and for sure make your dick completely relax! Please, don’t actually do this. Ladies, it is a real deal for men, so cut us a little slack. When your man has a random boner, fuck it, rip his pants off and fuck him because this means he his horny. Fellas let your lady know this shit happens to you, then you don’t have to hide it, and then you may get laid a lil more often! Tell your lady its for ‘Science’. 😂 🤣

Fellas leave a comment letting us know if you deal with this, and if you have any tips. Ladies leave a comment let us know what you thought of this post and if you did or did not know about this. Enjoy!

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