Don’t Let it Get Dull

Theres always some room to sharpen your pencil. Everyone knows and hits a point in their sex life, where it’s consistently the same fucking thing. You have a routine, you do the same positions, and you talk dirty the exact same way. This always leads to an end, or a lot of problems within the relationship. Let’s talk a little bit about how we can keep it hot. I mean there are various reasons your sex life could be all fucked up because lets face it we live in a corrupt dating world. However, if you are happy with the person you are with or seeing, but notice its the old same old same old, it’s time to switch it up a bit. No, I am not talking about the person, I am talking about what you are doing. So, you want to keep doing regular missionary sex right? Yeah, fucking right. Couple flip overs, girl sucks her man’s cock, doggy, and were done. No, one of you needs to step in and take the lead.


Ladies and gentlemen, do something crazy. If you need to spice it up in bed, there’s a couple different ways. Dirty talk is always an amazing thing. Ladies, if you’re riding your man, tell him how good it feels to be riding that cock. Men, reassure your lady how good she feels, it’s a complete turn on. I think that is one of the best things a guy can do for a lady, make her feel reassured. It brings a sense of trust and who knows might help other aspects of your relationship as well! Saying things about how good you feel, or how good they are making you feel does wonders for the mood and how sexy you look. Ladies, when you start telling your man that he is hitting the right spot on your clit , or the way he Is fucking you, this eggs them on to keep going.


Music. I cannot stress this enough. Music calms the body, so if you get a little nervous before having sex, music will help. It can also be fun to put on some good music to kind of go to the beat to. Having a playlist depending on how long it usually goes on for is nice background music. Having that sense of ease and just happiness along with fucking really hard is great! So go ahead, and pick a couple different songs you both enjoy listening to and get it on! Please, just no picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl because that’s just fucked up.

Engaging In New Practice

Another way of sparking the fire, is trying new positions. I am not talking about just switching up your normal positions, but find a book and do some fucking weird shit! It’s been proven that change helps couples and people’s sex life. I am talking rolling around the bed, literally. Going from doggy to fucking lotus. Oh you didn’t know what that was? Check it out here? Trying new things is something people need to get down with because it can benefit your relationship so much! Sure, new positions can get a little awkward to plot out in bed, so study it a little then try to put it into action, or communicate with your partner and let them know what you want done. Either the position will work out and it will be fucking fun, or you both will laugh about how it didn’t workout as easy you thought and you’ll have a fun inside joke!

A Change of Scenery

Having Sex in other places then the bedroom can really change things. Let’s say you decide to go out for a night on the town and ladies your man is looking really fucking good. Fucking do him in the car… he will not expect it if it’s not a regular thing. Rather, just do it in the car period. Go for a little drive at night, do not get caught, trust me ? or try not to at least (good luck), but that’s the fun isn’t it. Even just going out of town for the weekend and doing it at a hotel can bring that fucking fire back and spice it up a bit.

Overall, we are just saying if things get to regular do not forget to change it up a bit. Keep things real, make sure you are both happy. Make sure things are fucking hot, and fucking get down to it. Now go fuck!

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