Men really don’t care!

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The Fuck is a Queef?

From an expulsion of air through the vagina.

From Urban Dictionary: pussy fart the musical

Ladies, ladies, men don’t care if you queef, have to puke during the middle of sex, or anything ridiculous as fuck. All we care about is that we still get to fuck you! Thats it! There better be a scud missile headed towards Beverly Hills Eric, we are only going to care about how much time do we have left to fuck before we blow the fuck up! Side Note: A Scud missiles was a tactical ballistic missile developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Literally its true! Guys, don’t hold on to the thought forever, they let it go pretty much immediately.

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The Feeling when someone says Moist:

Sex comes with many different noises and just some awkward stuff can happen. From vaginal to anal, to just blow jobs, things can get weird. Your maturity and morals shows with how you handle these situations. Men, if you didn’t know ladies are ungodly self conscience when these things happen. Guys can literally blow these things off, but woman are going to sleep on it, think about it, and analyze that entire situation for the next three days. Literally, it’s embarrassing to us. It could happen 105 times, and on the 106th we are still going to reach the same way. Queefing, is literally such an uncomfortable word and it’s an uncomfortable thing for ladies. ITS LITERALLY AIR. Most of the time its caused by the positions that you are in and the speed of the sex you are having! When you change positions and her legs move, so does all the fucking air that you just pounded inside of her wet pussy. Please be respectful, you two should learn to just laugh it off.

Dear woman, if this happens to you during sex and you have a great relationship with your man he should be able to laugh it off. If he does not, throw the whole man away!

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Drunk Shenanigans

When it comes to drinking and having sex, people can drink way to many fruity things and the sugar comes back to fuck you later, even if you are engaging in some hot fucking sex. It’s common for someone to have to puke in the middle of sex if you have been drinking, but get back on the horse after you take care of business. It’s called being a savage honey, look it up. Ladies and men too, you need to own that shit. Yeah, you just lost your entire drink bill in the toilet, fucking get your shit together, cause you know you still want to fuck hard. Get after it.

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Grow the Fuck Up.

There are just so many situations that can occur and its important how both parties handle the situation. Be an adult. This isn’t funny and you have no idea how the other person feels. It might be something they can hold onto for a while. It was asked online about one of the most embarrassing situations you have been in, in the bedroom. This ranged from all sorts of issues. One of the compelling things was how most of the men and woman handled the situations. Sure, you have your handful of pricks that tell the girl to fucking leave that’s gross and they are fucking assholes just FYI, and the girls that literally just get up and leave. Karma will give these people their own.

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