It’s not Intrusive when it’s an STD.

One thing that’s commonly not asked on the first date, is if they are carrying anything on them. I am not talking about concealing weapons, but really concealing STD’s. This shit is real guys.

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Dude, it’s real.

Everyone talks about their one night stands. They talk about how they got drunk and left with her or him from the bar. How drunk were you though? Even before you kissed them, did you check their mouth? You literally can kiss someone and bring something other than them home with you. Which is something that doesn’t leave the next day like your one night stand does. It lingers around for a very long time, or for, forever… I am not against the one night stands at all. Thats your personal decision to meet someone out and about. To go with them and fuck all night long. It shouldn’t become a habit though. That’s a risky game to play.

At TDD we stress to just find one partner if you don’t have a significant other and sticking with them. But if you are out there risking your cock or pussy. Please then be sure to use a rubber and not totally fuck yourself. The trading game is so dangerous, shitty, and just makes you the fuckboy or the THOT. Thats right ladies and gents you all fall into this and don’t play innocent you know who you are!

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It was being talked about in a group amongst friends. If it is too intrusive to ask someone if they’re clean, or even if they have ever had anything. Any type of sexual disease. We’re here to declare that in no fucking way at all is it too intrusive to ask this! It’s actually a legal thing. As in literally if someone is carrying an STD. You may be in the legal right to take them to court! LITERALLY!! No fucking joke, shit is real! According to a little research, by law you do not have to tell people that you have an STD. HOWEVER, not disclosing that you have an STD. Then the other party resulting to having their lives changed forever! With an incurable or life changing illness. They can take you to court and who knows how that is going to play out. So fucking making sure you ask!!

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Be the FBI Agent

I think in general out of respect people should let the other person know. In the same sense people should really be asking a lot of questions compared to none. Become your own Private Investigator. Your life would literally change. Not to mention some of the cost to treat Sexually Transmitted diseases is outrageous.

 I have personally asked every single motherfucker I have ever fucked. I always ask them before hand, and if they think that is rude and none of my business. One, you can fuck off, if you are being that shady about this. Two, it is every part of my fucking business! If you think I am going to risk my cock, or pussy and not ask then you are an idiot! All of which will then forever risk me being clean and disease free. All so I do not hurt your feelings, then once again you can fuck off! I have asked many people before some are completely offended and I could care less. Other people I have asked, have zero issue with the question. They’re actually very intrigued that I have the nerve to ask such a question. Also that I actually am curious and doing my best to try and remain healthy and disease free.

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In reality, all of you fuckers out there all need to take this type of shit into consideration. Be safe and protect your cock or pussy! You only have the one and its your choice on what you let happen to it! Therefore, it is highly recommended to always use protection as in a condom when having random sexual encounters. Even if you are fucking someone regularly. Until it is discussed that they/we aren’t going to be fucking other people. Therefore, how would you feel about not using condoms? Then thats a whole other topic. Believe me every dude would be taking a little pill. Men would daily take a pill if it helped prevent pregnancies, no fucking questions asked lol.

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So, please be aware of who you are fucking, and if they are trustworthy. Sex is fanfuckingtastic, enjoy it, have fun, and live life! However, be safe and take care of yourself! So, to all you fuckers out there, stay close to the Trojan and protect yourself. If you feel like someone is being shady, please go get tested and take the matters into your own hands! It never hurts in these situations to be extra cautious!

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