Don’t be a lousy piece of shit?

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It has come to my attention in the past week that well guys have their many ways of being called shady, ladies you stand as tall as them when it comes to this shit. I will never understand why people want to ruin something good in their life. There are so many questions left unanswered and people that get hurt. Transparency is key for a healthy sex life. We are not saying that you have to be in each others pocket, just stop doing things to make the other part upset, jealous, or just uncomfortable. If your sex is really good and you actually care about the other person it will just be natural to you to not try to upset them, unless you are a scumbag. In this case then you should get the fuck out of their lives immediately. Again, this goes for both men and woman. Not to mention how unsafe it is too fuck around with people both physically and emotionally. It’s just wild rollercoaster on its way to really hurt someone. Just again, please stop being a lousy piece of shit!

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Guys, we have heard how slutty woman can be. Ladies, we have heard it, that guys are just fucking dogs. Just quit being lousy fucking people and find some damn respect for each other. If you feel it in your gut that there is something wrong, COMMUNICATE, with them, address it, and make your choice. This is way to important to “not feel comfortable” to do. We have all been in a relationship with someone where we had a those moments in our gut that made us think twice, and really wonder, are they fucking lying to me? Are they telling me the truth? It is one of the absolute fucking worst things in the world to feel this way! Literally, it eats at you and mentally, emotionally, and physically makes you sick! So stop being lousy fucking people!

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There is even the lousy people to where, they don’t even have the simplest of manners to use. Alright, I’m going to paint a couple of pictures here for you all because I am sure at least one of these moments has come into your life! Let’s say you went to your significant others house for dinner, THEY COOKED THE DINNER, now you are the guest that was cooked for, how hard is it to say THANK YOU!?? Like what the fuck!? Or after the dinner, your guy/girl made the dinner and you decide to do the dishes and help clean everything up, how hard is it for your girl/guy to say thank you? Also let’s say you go out have a few drinks and then order an appetizer out at some new hip bar. Now whoever guy/girl pays the tab, the guy/girl that didn’t pay the tab, how hard is it to say thank you for that? It is pretty fucking easy to say THANK YOU! You can never over do wrong saying thank you! It shows you appreciate them and that you give a fuck about them. It say’s that you are thankful for them to have spent their time, their energy, their money on you. Saying thank you doesn’t cost a fucking penny! Be kind, be polite, be nice. Even if you have been dating for years, or even if you are fucking married! Still treat it as if its the first date and you want to be nice, kind and appreciative! Saying thank you, goes so much further than most people realize.

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So the moral of the story is, just be a good fucking person to whoever you are in some sort of relationship with, be kind, be humble, be nice and appreciate them! It does not cost you a damn thing to be nice to someone and say thank you! Hopefully you found some of this eye opening, or agree/disagree. Whatever your opinion may be, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of all this madness in the world of people just being real lousy and shitty!

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