How Sex Helps Periods

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Woman get periods monthly. However, did you know that during this time if you have sex before, during, or after it can make it easier for woman? Ladies, you know when you’re going to get them, all the ladies have the Life App on their phone, knowing when the bleeding, fertility, and mood swings will be in full fucking force. We know many guys are completely against this, and we get it, but if you’re accepting of it, it can do wonders for your lady. There are some guys that wince at the thought or talk about periods. This is what they don’t get, ladies don’t have the choice. It’s a natural occurrence each month and without it, you dudes wouldn’t even exist. So, let’s be grown about this and understand and accept it. We completely get it, but laying down a towel and just helping her for the month could really do some justice. This is something that takes a woman a lot to share with her significant other because of the embarrassment and uncomfortable part of this. If you choose to do this remember she’s at a very vulnerable not to mention emotional state, be kind. Here is some wonders:

Period Cramps

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Everyone knows that cramps are horrendous for women and some women don’t have them at all. Here’s to let you know whether you’re playing with yourself or your man is going to do that for you, it can help your period when they get you to your big O. When your pelvic region contracts during orgasm it can help with the pain and cramps in general. If it’s really a rough one, get down with yourself even if you don’t have a man, or he’s not willing to.


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Everyone knows endorphins make you happy! They are the feel good neurotransmitters in your brain! Endorphins help with pain and how your body reacts to it! These chemicals stimulate the same reaction if you were to take a pain pill! Therefore, if sex releases them it brings that euphoric feeling. When people get an “endorphin rush” they mean this euphoric feeling.


It’s common during your period to get headaches. They are actually called Menstrual Migraines! Before your period starts your body begins to change in all sorts of different ways. According to the Mayo Clinic the drop in Estrogen that happens before your period is the reason so many woman suffer from headaches either before they get their period or even after! If women are on birth control this can also contribute and lead to migraines. Did you know that women have stated that sex can help these annoying migraines that you get!?

It Can Shorten the Misery

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Having sex during your period allows you to have more orgasms and more uterus contractions. Therefore the amount of blood during this time is more, thus shortening the length of your period.

Your Horny, let’s face it.

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When your period hits full force, so can your libido. This makes you super horny when you are on your period. Your body does some strong things to your hormones while you are on your period. The ups and downs of progesterone and estrogen cause will affect the libido. Your body drops in Estrogen at the beginning of your cycle, then rises as your time goes on.. thus creating a sense of being horny. The progesterone side decreases during your period causing you to feel the Estrogen more.

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Like we stated at the beginning we know this is not everyones cup of tea, but it might really help your lady out. These are just some positives as to why sex on your period is beneficial. If you are afraid of the mess…..head into the shower. It can be relieving for two people who are worried to know nothing is going to happen to the environment that’s not your shower. Not to mention, the closeness of this is something that lets you escape your boundaries and that uncomfortable feeling. You will most definitely become way more comfortable with each other. Oh and just an FYI since apparently people didn’t know this: Ya’ll can deff get pregnant fucking.

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