She’s almost there…

Ladies and gents lets talk about how being able to get your lady all the way to making that BIG-O! Let’s make it a reality!

Communication is Key.

Well for starters ladies you know there are certain positions that will get you there, so either let your man know of what those positions are, or just tell him to get his ass in gear and fuck you how you want to be fucked. This way you have your man fucking you in the best possible positions to help get you on the path to finishing!

There is not a trophy at the End.

Fellas, here it is loud and clear, it takes women LONGER TO REACH ORGASM! Therefore patience is key here. Take your time, or as much time as you can hang in there for, if you’re having trouble “hanging in there” maybe take care of her after, or even before you guys really get into things. You must try your best and ladies get your man fucking you the best way that he can to make sure that he makes you cum. Not to mention fellas, if you get annoyed or show that your angry she hasn’t finished you mays well call it quits there because you’ve ruined it for her.

Toys and More Toys.

Fellas accept it, there maybe sometimes where you may need to bring in back up. Meaning you need bring in a sex toy to help your lady get all the way there. Which should be a fun experience not a demeaning experience. Sometimes it’s just what needs to happen. Besides fellas sometimes the toys can be fun for both parties…just saying. Ladies, have your toys nearby and accessible, if you need to bring a vibrator into the mix then fucking grab it and put it to work, the vibration will help your lady get there. While simultaneously give a pleasurable sensation to your man. Seriously fellas this is a game changer!

Show Me What That Tongue Can Do.

Other than toys, also adding in some physical touch. Start off using your fingers to stimulate her pussy, rub her clit, and slide your fingers deep in her pussy and rub the roof off her pussy to keep her going! If this just isn’t doing the trick use your tongue. Actually, a lot of ladies prefer if you use your tongue. There are actual studies with evidence that oral stimulation as well as physical touch can help your lady reach orgasm faster and harder. So be sure to also add those to your arsenal when in the bedroom, if necessary. You can also add in a back massage before you start, or even play with her hair a little bit, woman love that shit.

It’s called Respect Honey, Look it up.

It’s almost a respect factor for reciprocation. It seems in todays ways that just making sure the guy gets off is what’s important. Ladies, you need to get there too! Make sure to have open communication and explore with your partner, that way everyones happy and finishing at the end.

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