Shortening your dicks…….lifespan.

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Alright, this one goes out more so to the fellas out there, but ladies this isn’t a bad read for you to just know some things and to inform your man. Therefore if he is doing this shit, he is on his way to having some dick problems down the road. Just saying …..

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After doing some research, and looking into what are some of your everyday life habits that are making erections suffer, we have gathered some evidence. First off, no man wants to do that period. Every man wants to improve their boner, make it stiffer, harder, and be able to stay up full blown hard cock for as long as possible. Some guys can get their dicks up and going for a short time, then their dick loses blood flow and it starts to loose hardness. When this happens, it’s apparent to both the lady and fella during sex, they both know that something different just happened. Here are some everyday things that men do that kill their boners. So fellas get you shit together, ladies, tell your man to get his shit together, or you may be shopping for a new toy…. fellas you’ve been warned.

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First off, most are guilty of this one because we all live a pretty fucking crazy lives. We are constantly rushed from place to place and we just can’t get enough SLEEP! Yes, SLEEP! There are plenty of studies that show that men who get less than 5 hours of sleep a night can decrease their daytime testosterone levels by up to 20% ! Twenty fucking percent is a lot guys. Then when you come home from work, and your lady is there waiting, trying to rip your clothes off and you just aren’t in the mood because you are tired’ well, GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP. That dick you like to stick in your ladies pussy is on its way to become fucking paper weight! Get some sleep!

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Second, cycling, now we all need to get exercise, and thats fine, but too much being in a riding bike motion, or on a bicycle seat, that sits right in the perineum for all you science nerds is harmful. Now, the rest of us, know it as the Gooch, which we all learned from jackass. The Gooch is the spot between your balls and asshole, and the pressure placed on that small area can cause some damage to your erectile tissue, which leads to YOUR DICK NOT WORKING. Therefore, instead of riding that sick ass bike with some sick fucking pegs on it everywhere around town, maybe you only do it a couple days a week… Shocks, Pegs, Lucky.

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Third all those aches in your body, your back, your knees, those weak elbows and bad wrists all hurt and ache everyday. So what do you do? Take a couple little pills, the NSAID’s (Non-Steriodal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), everyday. Advil & Motrin (Ibuprofen), whatever your preference, is killing your boner bro! It all relates back to decreasing your testosterone which can lead to ED in this situation, go see your fucking doctor!

Fourth, a simple one that we all make a new years resolution too, THE GYM! You fuckers that are skipping the gym! Why? You sat on your ass all day at work, ate fucking arbys and now you are going home to eat a pizza, sip down a six pack and watch the fucking Walking Dead (which has been on for way too long in my opinion), but all that sitting is killing your testosterone levels, making you gain weight, making you lazy, and making you cause problems for your dick. There are scientific studies that show 4 days a week of moderate to intense training for minimally 40 minutes MAY help decrease ED problems. We do not recommend you do the bare minimum, now get your lazy ass to the gym and improve your dick health bro!

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Lastly the one we have all heard throughout our lives, are you ready for it !??? USE IT OR LOSE IT! We all have heard this, and it is fucking true! Forget science on this one, if you are only getting laid once a week at most, and the other guy is banging chicks at least 3 days a week, if not more, who is going to have the Erectile Dysfunction dick? Bingo, you guessed it, the guy who is getting laid once a week at most! Use your fucking dick, its a muscle and if it isn’t CONSTANTLY pumped with blood, then it wont be able to expand and contract and hold all that blood in there and make you rock fucking hard so you can please your SO. Fellas, do it for your boner, do it for your lady, use it! If your girl say’s she doesn’t want to, let her know. “Babe, it’s for science, if we dont have sex, there is a 100% chance you are going to make me increase my chances of having a limp dick in life. Do you want to be the cause of that?” Okay, maybe don’t say that, haha, but whatever you want!

So there are some simple things that guys do daily that is killing their boners along with many other daily things.

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