That Good Good Sex

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When having sex you hear different things, see, and feel differently. The sensation of touch is fucking incredible. Running your fingers through her hair and taking your nails to his back because it feels so fucking good. Moving into different positions because you need to get that angle. Thats that good sex everyone talks about. That I don’t fucking care what is going on sex, I just want you inside me. Its fucking hot. Enhancers like music, and massages make it out of this world. This article is going to explain a little about what makes sex, that good sex everyone raves about. The Dirtyy Donut asked Reddit users about what made that sex really good sex and what really enhanced it? We got a various amount of answers all ranging about the same, but people really were enlightening about what did it for them. I think the best answer we got was this…

When it’s that hot, sweaty, can’t keep your hands off each other, sloppy kissing, hands and mouths everywhere, at the end the entire experience is just a blur of sensation and you can’t breathe.

This was a phenomenal answer because it was the truth put into words. The feeling you get when the sex is so good that you cannot keep your hands anywhere, but on them, you can’t talk because you just want to kiss them and all over their body. You can’t even breath because you don’t have fucking time.

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Massages are also an awesome thing before or even after sex, both ways relaxes you. Massage oil and laughing is the best route. Just get it relaxed and hot in there. Turn the music up, get it going, let the room acclimate to you. If it’s morning and you and your man are just laying in bed, start to tickle him in an edging way. Take your fingers and run them down his back, but just tip the back of his neck and head, kiss his neck if you want. Then make your way down to his mid back and just scratch his back lightly, guys love that. After a while, tell him how great it’s going to feel on his chest and flip him over. Grab massage oil or lube and do his entire body. There is nothing hotter than rubbing your man down and watching him enjoy it. Slowly inch your way to his cock, which I am sure he is already throbbing and just edge him by grabbing it, or caressing the tip slowly. Do this for a while till he can’t take it anymore. Guys, you know damn well she better get naked as fast as she fucking can, you are ready to take her to fucking pound town.

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We have also learned that music can do this for a lot of people. It enhances the mood, puts people in the mood, and can really change the scene. I am not saying you guys need to sit there and structure out a playlist to fuck to, but like some music casually turned on in the background isn’t a crime, and is actually beneficial. We always hear people say this music would be hot to fuck to, because music can indeed turn you on. Some people might need to turn on some John Mayer, well others might need some fucking Escape the Fate, or Bullet For My Valentine, 2pac or whatever you need boo, do you.

Think about it, music is blasting, her ass is rocking back and forth, he is smacking your ass, and that headboard is just banging away at the wall! It is so fucking hot! Don’t get us wrong theres always that one moment where your fucking dog starts barking and you are so trying to not deal with that right now. Dog is gone, and now all you are thinking is god damn my cock feels so good deep in her pussy. You are both going hard and enjoying it. She is thinking god damn he is so hard and I am so wet this is amazing! She is dripping fucking wet because she is gripping your shoulders and just taking it. He smacks her ass leaving a fat ass red hand print, she screams out in joy of the pain, asking daddy for more. Its fucking hot you both love it and you both want more so fucking go after it go hard and smack her ass! Pull her hair, pull his hair! That is that good good sex.

Let us know in a comment what makes it for you!

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