Respect & Anal.

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This one is for the men, but ladies your calls have been heard. Anal Sex. Every guy loves it (Well Most of Them) and ladies really have to prepare for it. Like literally prepare on all levels, I’ll let you think on that. Any who, the main point of this article is to stress to the guys that they really should appreciate it when it happens and also to really be caring about when it’s happening. There is so much timing and correct timing when it goes into anal. It’s sensitive to the woman on every aspect both physically and emotionally. The orgasm for both the man and the woman can be phenomenal if you do it right. There are also so many positions that can be explored!

The Emotional Part of things

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Emotionally, it can be a lot to trust someone enough to partake in anal sex because there are so many complications and things that can go wrong. Ladies, we know you think about each and every one and what would happen in that situation. Guys, it’s easy for you, but the person receiving goes through every terrible situation that could possibly ever happen. From something going very wrong…. to physically getting hurt. It’s a tight space. Therefore, if something does go wrong guys, you really cannot blame or even begin to make her uncomfortable because she is already there when starting this.

This also brings up the point to be able to communicate through the entire things. We know everyone can just fuck and not have to talk, but it comes to ANAL, you literally have to be able to communicate and communicate well. Therefore, guys please be as caring as you can if you do decide to try anal because the woman is going through a lot more than you can see. There may be some things that you can do that might make her more calm about the situation. She needs to be fully relaxed and comfortable and if it takes candles, light the fucking candles.

Let’s Get Physical.

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Physically, this is almost just as important as the emotional aspect. The relaxation and communication play into this side as well. Physically, let’s just paint the picture. Imagine taking your dick and forcing it into the smallest hole possible. Yeah, that’s why its so intense for females. Woman literally have to prep for this so they don’t get hurt, so you might need to help. Making sure she is ready enough to take your penis. Foreplay and lube are the most priority when it comes to this, oh and communication. Having to use a plug or your fingers ( nails trimmed) to slowly ease up the tightness is crucial. Making your partner relaxed and comfortable will make this experience more easier. There are several different lubes and butt plugs that are perfect to taper her anally to get it relaxed enough to take your cock.

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TDD Choice of Anal Sex Toys & Lubes

In conclusion guys, anal sex is meant to be fun and an enjoyable experience. One bad time can really ruin things for someone to ever try it again. Therefore, when you and your SO are down to play, be very safe!

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