It’s called Fashion Honey, Look it up!

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It’s called Fashion Honey, Look it up!

Victoria’s Secret ain’t a secret no more” we all know that is how Florida Georgia Line put it! Every girl loves to go blow money at Victoria’s Secret or Lover’s Lane because it can spice the bedroom up just a tad. Plus, who doesn’t like shopping for a new outfit. However, even though your SO thinks you’re hot all around is what you’re buying actually turning him off? What are some things guys just don’t think is sexy on their girl when it comes to the bedroom? The Babydoll’s from Lover’s Lane are for sleeping honey, let’s face the facts. Like actually sleeping. So what does it for a guy?

No Babydolls Allowed.

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Ladies, if you are going to go out and spend money shopping on some sort of sexy outfit, well it better be fucking sexy, not some night gown that’s made of silk, or Egyptian cotton. Guys want you to look sexy, like in a porno! They’re not going to be excited because you bought an expensive night gown. Can we make the boner go way any faster ?! Although he will try to be sweet and tell you how nice it looks, he probably means its pretty, not like he’s turned on. That right there will tell you, ya he doesn’t want to be a dick, but it also means if he is talking and not already trying to rip off your new sexy out fit then ya done fucked up, honey! When you come home with a new sexy outfit, do not expect it to be on long, unless you put out some rules… We’ll get to that in a second. Thank you, next.

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When you go into that store such as Lover’s Lane, look around, browse what you have to look at. Think to yourself what is my man going to think is sexy as fuck and make him hard as a fucking rock? These are the questions and guidelines that you need to be asking yourself. Granted the outfit may not be that comfy, or it may be too slutty for you, but he might like it. Let’s face it though you have to be happy with yourself too.

Rock that Outfit, you Goddess

Anyway, getting back on track here, you are about to spend money on an outfit that should make you feel like a sex goddess and make your mans jaw drop to the fucking floor. He should be speechless. If he isn’t speechless well this could be so many other things. So, thats how you need to start your shopping experience, then grab a handful of dresses that are going to show off and accentuate that beautiful booty that the good lord gave you. Ladies, go with whatever shows off that body and makes you look and feel like a sex goddess. Buy that fucking outfit and walk out knowing you are the hot bitch you are!

Plant the Seed

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Now, we got our sexy ass fucking outfit, now its time to plant the seed and fuck with your man! Don’t tell him what you got, but be demanding. Take charge. As in, send him a text or call whatever, but get in touch and let him know you went shopping today, ran some errands, and stopped by Lover’s Lane, or whatever. He will completely ignore the dry cleaning and the fresh batch of tomatoes you got and will tunnel visions to “Lover’s Lane”. He will want to know what you got. Now you’ve planted the seed, now you have him thinking and wondering. When you get home and if he is coming over, or you are going over it’s time to break out that outfit.

Side Note:

If you are driving to see him and if you are already wearing the out fit, put on like leggings and big ass hoodie over it, what if you got pulled over and all you are wearing is basically an outfit showing off your ass and tits like an escort on her way to a job… Cover yourself up just till you get there, trust me shit happens…

Executing the Seed

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Now you are both in the same location, ladies you can either: A. Sit your man down and be like ill be right back, run to the bathroom take off the hoodie and leggings fix your hair whatever you gotta do and then you can just walk out there, and act like you aren’t even wearing the outfit, he will be speechless. In this moment, go sit on his lap, when his hands go to move on your body, tell him “No touch” make him want you more than he already does. If you are sitting on him, you can probably feel his hard cock fully standing up, or at least on its way up. Now you can tease do whatever you want, can go full on Dominatrix. Tie his hands so he cant touch and play with his cock and balls, put your tits in his face whatever you want. Just let him run wild, but try to get him to appreciate the outfit for at least a few minutes.

Also, theres probably a good chance theres some buttons, loops, or snaps or something on your new outfit where there maybe some issues with removing it so just roll with it, or if there is some struggle, push his hands down, remove the piece of clothing and put it on his face. After all this pent up teasing of you in your new outfit, it will most likely lead to the both of you fucking like wild beasts, so enjoy that and have a fucking blast!

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Ladies, this is the night you want to have after buying a new piece of sexy clothing! If you dont get this, again ya done fucked up, take the shit back… Hopefully this has helped with your shopping experience, let us know what outfits you like to buy and what drives your man wild! If you want more topics like this or something different please leave a comment or send us a message on what you would like us to talk about!

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