Little Things to Improve your Relationships

Let’s keep this shit simple, everyone wants to improve on their relationship and make it better and easier. So, let’s talk about some simple things you can do to improve your relationship, to be able to become a better couple. Whether just starting out and fresh into the scene of becoming a couple, or even if you have been together for awhile!

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  • Helping each other out! We all get busy, we all have shit going on! Maybe your girl has a job interview tomorrow and she’s so flustered and anxious. So be the man and step up and help out, maybe make her breakfast, help her prepare for the big interview, or just help her with her everyday life to keep her less stressed out and more focused on crushing the interview! Being there for her and having her support make the entire situation a little more at ease because no one wants to do stuff alone if they are nervous about it! This goes for woman as well for your man! Maybe his work day was just beyond stressful and you finally both are home and he is just ready to sleep, make his lunch for his work day tomorrow. Its the Little Things!
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  • Try cooking together. Cooking first off is always fun trying to learn a new recipe and cook up a great dish. But doing it as a couple will bring you two closer together and make for a fun memory of the two of you in the kitchen. This can also help you learn more about your partner. When cooking everyone has their own way of doing things, so sharing those techniques can be fun and exciting. Who knows you might actually learn something! Its the idea of being together and being able to work together to make a yummy meal or some bomb ass dessert!
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  • Karaoke! Karaoke can be scary as fuck, believe us we know! Now, decide ahead of time that you are going to go to karaoke night. Catch a buzz because everyone does karaoke better after a couple of drinks. Try doing a duet together, or sing a song solo, or make it more fun and scary and pick each others solo song and don’t tell them. This can make a funny as fuck scene! Always take into consideration and be kind with picking a song that you know your significant other already know. It’s already putting them in a scary position and out of their comfort zone give them some confidence with knowing the song at least.
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  • A night away from home. You don’t have to actually go out of town for a weekend away. Check out an Airbnb or hotel that is close by and think of it as a weekend away! This is a good time to just spend time with your honey and I am sure they will appreciate the little change of not being home. If you live outside of a major city, get a hotel/airbnb in the downtown city area and go out and have a blast. You are still close by to home, but are away from home for it to be a mini vacay with your significant other! Make it a time to do things for one another and just enjoy!
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  • Pamper each other! This can be a lot of fun, especially watching your man trying to pull this shit off. Have a night at home pampering each other, massages, facials 😜 (no not the facials your man gives you after some bomb fucking sex), long baths. Facials with masks and cucumbers and all that shit. Ladies, put a sheet mask on your mans face and change his life. Long baths followed by a massage with hot oil will just put you both at ease. Light some candles and turn on some soft music and just enjoy the serenity! Take a long shower, then put on a bath robe and just do the little things that feel good for both of you! Ladies, bring out the wine. A night at home pampering each other and relaxing may be the night of relaxation that you both need.

Please let us know some of your favorite things to do with your honey, drop a comment!

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