You Tease.

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One major thing that gets the party going is the tease. You fucking tease. What we mean by this is when you do little things either all day or all week just to tease your partner. This is kind of like edging, but more or less just really teasing their sexual feelings. I mean pictures, sexting, leaving little notes whatever, you are teasing them. Here are some little ways to tease your SO and why it might drive them nuts.

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Sexting is a major one that’s simple and easy to do. You can literally accomplish this while sitting at your desk at work. This is also safe at work because they aren’t going to open a text message of boobs or a dick, just a simple message leaving their thoughts to wander. Things like how bad you want to feel them, or how sexually you please them. We need you to get crafty and basically fuck them with your words. Just get descriptive and really feel out in that text message. It literally can brighten their day. If its Monday and a crabby day at work, this is so going to lighten the mood. A lot of people have fun with it too because it makes the time and day go by faster. Not to mention, the build up that is happening this entire time. They are going to be wanting to just strip you down as fast as they fucking can to just start the madness.

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Another, tease, along the same lines. The random pictures and videos. You literally don’t even have to send your hard cock to her. A simple good morning text in your bra or panties, or just simply laying in your boxers is the perfect little hello. Who doesn’t want to see something like that right off in the morning. Not to mention, most people get super horny in the morning, or wake up with morning wood as it is. If your SO and you work different shifts this is perfect because it makes their day or night start of with just a little kick, or kink we should say!

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One of the best teases is right before you are going to get down. Ladies, this one mostly points to you, but guys hold on because you’re next. Ladies, before he takes his sweatpants (hopefully they’re grey because come on) or shorts off, get a little feely. I am not saying to forcefully grab your mans cock, unless y’all are into that, but I am saying just stroke it on the outside of whatever he is wearing. The feeling of him getting hard and growing is already hot, but you’re going to drive him insane because he isn’t all the way out yet. Depending on your level of kink you can also use your mouth a little even if his clothes aren’t off. You’re basically making him wait and giving his mind time to wander, his cock to get harder, and his patience to get lower.

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Fellas, you have more ways to this than she does. One of the best teases we think involves when you are about to go down on that pussy. Kissing her thighs and softly moving your hands all over her body is just driving her nuts and she literally will not be able to contain how bad she wants that tongue. It drives girls wild when you softly touch them, any who. This is such a huge tease because you also are making her wait and let’s face it, girls are impatient. Slowly giving her kisses and just touching here brings out the sensual side of this and gets her going.

These are just a couple teases, lets here all yours! Drop a comment below on what your favorite way to tease is!

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