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So, it has been requested to write another article on anal. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Anal sex can be quite amazing and an awesome way for you and your partner to explore boundaries, push limits, and really understand each other both physically and emotionally. It takes patience so if that is something that you aren’t really good at, please find some if you plan on trying any of this. There is nothing more horrible than trying anal sex for the first time, but also it going so bad. I will place here for the record, this must be a consensual and mutual idea. A lot of people shy free from this because they are scared.

Just to start off, how fucking hot is it getting ready to do the deed. With anal it takes precise measures, calm play, and a lot of fucking lube. Just to clarify, please do not start off with the finger poke thing. It is so easy to tear, hurt, or even just make it uncomfortable for your partner. We recommend a small tapered toy. If you don’t know what that is, it is a plug or even beads. Both are a great way to start this off. I mean starting this off slow, and kissing, and massaging are a must! This is the time to really start relaxing the mood, really getting calm for each other, laugh a little, joke and fuck around. Literally your job is to make the person who is going to be penetrated as relaxed as humanly fucking possible and okay with what is going on.

I will enforce this for the rest of this article, omg fucking Lube! Lots of fucking lube! Slip slop done! I mean lube on fucking everything from the fingers, to the toys, to the ass! There are many water based lubes, and also lubes that help to give more comfort during this process. We usually check out Lover’s Lane, but there seems to be a lot of companies coming out with more healthy based lubes with all natural elements. LOLA is a brand new brand that is really setting off when it comes to natural products! It is highly recommended based on their growing sales of feminine products, facial products, and just everything natural. They even promise to keep a good PH level in your body when using this stuff! Thats important because we all know the horror stories of someone who was either been allergic to some lube, or even condoms at that point. If you need a little extra comfort, try out this one.

Next, is the actual sticking it in part. Fella’s if your thiccc with like two c’s or more, you need to really prepare your partner. Its like imagining sticking a cucumber into a tiny hole. Not to mention, you can seriously injure your partner if you are not prepared. So, start off by slowly inserting the head till she relaxes from the initial entering. After the head gets in because its a little bigger than the shaft, unless you’re not circumsized it will be a lot smoother process. Its basically getting the head in, then from there you should be good. However, the length of your cock could also depend how much and, how fast her ass is going to adjust to this. I mean take this slow until you have thrusted a couple times. Then as things slowly start to get good, you will know because she will probably moan in delight. Ladies, if you don’t know it anal sex can be one of the most sensational and intense feeling you have ever felt. We are not joking, if you know that feeling where the sensation is so good that it takes your breath away and you just can’t get enough, TRY ANAL! One last time, FELLAS GO SLOW!

Now, the part that people are most scared of is the fact that something is going in where it’s not usually suppose to go… Ladies, when taking it, it can feel well really awkward at first, but mentally unless you can feel something is going to go really wrong, you are going to be fine. Not to mention, you should really prepare for this like at least 12 hours in advance. I wouldn’t go out for Mexican food, or like something your body doesn’t agree with, just saying… Hours before you decide to do this do some solid spring cleaning, the more the better! However, if your partner is still not comfortable with this, do it in the shower!!!! I feel like when it comes to anything the shower can prevent messes, or if you’re hesitant, just do it there. Not to mention shower sex is beyond hot and just such a wonderful time.

Overall, I hope the insight of how wonderful and such a delight that anal sex can be! Its something that involves a lot of exploration, communication, and LUBE, lots of it! Whoever your partner is you need to be able through all of this to make sure they are okay and they have to be able to trust you. This is a new experience for many people, it can be almost as scary as skydiving. If you need any help, or have any questions feel free to drop into our contact page and I am sure we can help you out!

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