Baby, it’s all about Time.

There are certain times where sex is just better. We are not saying set a date on the calendar, an exact time, and make sure you stick to it. There are just times when people get way more turned on. We have gone on about middle of the night sex, morning sex, and even a quickie, but have we gone down on the specifics? I mean lets face it there is a lot to be turned on about.

Time: Before Bed

There are a lot of people that can conquer that sex can be a sleep aid. It’s real, the shits like Nyquil. Therefore, a bomb ass sex session before getting in bed can give you nothing but a fantastic night sleep and a good start to the morning. Therefore, as you’re getting ready for bed fool around a little. If you are a couple that watch tv before bed cuddle and just start out by teasing and getting romantic. Ladies, if you like lingerie and to show it off to your man throw it on and let him take it off.. with his hands or his teeth, we will let you decide. It can be compared to a high cardio workout depending on the positions that you choose. Get freaky enough you both are going to finish, want to cuddle, and have a beautiful nights sleep.

Time: In the Morning

Oh my god who doesn’t love some good fucking morning sex. A lot of people don’t really like to get that active in the morning, but we are telling you its worth it. There is something about waking up next to someone and just wanting to go to town. Better yet, wake them up with it. Ladies, what guy wouldn’t want to wake up with you just drooling on his cock. Men, give a little tongue action to your lady in the morning. Its a known fact that men get nice and hard in the morning so let’s put that to use. If you have ever woken up and just been wetter than ever, chances are morning sex is the right option for you. Ladies, turn your man on by grabbing your favorite toy and just start playing with yourself. Fellas, roll over and kiss the back of her neck and play with her hair. So, even if your hair is a mess and you don’t look your best roll over and get on top of things.

Time: Quickie

We don’t care who you are, everyone loves a fucking quickie. Its that rush of seeing how fast you can get your partners clothes off and get inside them knowing there are time restraints at hand. Its that oops we can’t take our clothes all the way off so lets pull down our pants half way and get down to business. Not sure what it is, but the rush of wanting to make your partner cum is the best feeling ever. This can happen like anywhere. In your car, at a party, or just before you’re going out for dinner. Plus, who’s not happier after sex, so why not start off the night right.

In the end, any time is the best fucking time. There are just a few times when things can get a little sexier, a little hotter, and clothes can come off a little faster. If anyone has anything to add in any of these areas message The Dirtyy Donut or drop a comment below!

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