It’s all about the Car Sex

What is the best way to go about car sex?

Car sex, everyone wants to do it, usually everyone does have car sex. Is it just how great car sex is, or just how awkward and uncomfortable can car sex be? Well, it goes both ways. Car sex is a ton of fun when things go smooth and you got a safe place to park knowing you don’t have to worry about other cars, or the 5-0 catching you in the act because that is a large problem.

So, let’s talk about car sex. First off, its best and easiest if you have drive an SUV. Most SUV’s have the back seat that is able to lay down, making it like a mini bed in your car. This is not as comfortable as a real bed, but it will do the justice right? Having a quick and easy solution is the most convenient. Moving forward, full size cabs on trucks are usually pretty spacious, so you gotta figure out how to make it work. The regular sedan cars…. Well, if you are looking for a reason not to buy a sedan car, car sex should be your go to! BOOM! That right there is your reason not to buy a sedan like vehicle. Car sex in a sedan style car like a Ford Fusion is fucking bloody hard to pull off. The back seat isn’t real spacious, front seats aren’t very wide, roof is low so you got a magnitude of fucking problems headed your way. Now, your mom and pop didn’t raise no bitch, so you make the best with what you got and learn to make it work! It could be you just picked up that hot lady you’ve been dying to go out with. Ladies, you finally got your crush alone and have been dying to ride his dick. Make the best with what you got!

Most of the time in any car though theres always a few positions that will work. The car has many objects in your way that don’t make a lot of positions easy to get into. For instance up front, theres always the center console piece, the gear shifter, the cup holders. So you have some limited space, so therefore back seat is always a winner. While, in the back seat, you will have to pretty much maneuver into whatever positions you want have sex in, so be careful and don’t hurt each other! Also, oral sex is another go to for this! Ladies have your man whip his cock out and suck it hard. Fellas, do the same, but spread her legs.

Now the most important part! DON’T GET CAUGHT! First off, if you get caught it is a big fucking deal. Someone who is caught is looking at being arrested and charged with public indecency, or whatever the fuck they call it! Either way DON’T GET CAUGHT! For this of course, having sex in your car is most convenient at night. It is dark out, less obvious to be seen and get caught. Therefore, I also recommend getting your car windows tinted, some states it is illegal to get the front windows tinted, therefore at least black out the back windows spend the money or whatever it costs. Tinted windows are just more badass on a car in general, so it is in your best interest anyway. Avoid open parking lots with street lights in the lot. Also, avoid open parking lots to places that are closed and would make your car look suspicious being there. Just don’t be stupid basically! Speaking of not being stupid, have condoms with you! Just wanted to re-iterate safe sex!

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Hopefully this has led to some insight for you on car sex! If there is any more questions on this topic, feel free to send us a message and contact us and we would be more than happy to elaborate more on any topic that you’d like!

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