Set the Tone.

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So, we feel like this is something that needs to be addressed. It is setting the mood. This ones for both ladies and the fellas, so listen up. There are little things that you can do for someone that will literally make their day and at MINIMUM effort. I am not saying light the room on fire with candles and burn essence till your eyes water, but like it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort and here are some ways that can really help out. If you have never scene the movie Fifty Shades and taken notes on the little things he does, might want to refresh your memory.

The bedroom

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For heavens sake, turn the fucking lights either off or dimmed low. I am not sure what person likes to fuck really hard under a spotlight and honestly it can be quite a self conscience things. So, if you don’t have the dimmer option do light a few candles. The dim lit room and lovely smell can really just bring on happiness. Candles are used for positivity. I am not just stressing this for females because dudes love candles whether they want to admit it or not, we know. Bath and Body Works just released their fall line, so let’s get it pumpkin spiced to fuck, right?

Can you Walk the Walk? We know that sex can happen in various places, but it’s all about getting there, right? Ladies, slowly lead your man into the bedroom sexually and flirty because its going to drive him nuts that you are not already out of your clothes. As for the guys, if you can, pick your girl up. This is like Nicolas Sparks Movie shit that every girl fucking eats up. Pick her up and lay her down on the bed and then just kiss her. Kiss down her neck and ladies grab his shoulders and tell him how big and nice they are to grab.


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No. One. Ever. Said. No. Too. Getting. A. Massage. Its that amazing back rub and just the relaxation and knowing they want to relax you a little bit and care to do so. Grab some of your favorite massage oil lay on the bed, talk and really just kick back and relax while you give each other massages. It could even be like just rubbing your mans back and guys, chicks love it when you run your fingers through their hair. Not to mention this is a perfect transition into getting into it hot and heavy and really getting relaxed and playful.

The After Sex Food

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Okay, this is something that is like never ever ever addressed, but after sex, if you did it right, you are fucking thirsty and you are fucking hungry! Let’s have sex snacks on deck okay? I mean grab your persons favorite snacks, beer, wine or whatever because it just enhances how great you feel after sex. I mean who doesn’t love fucking snacks.

The Music

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When you walk into the bedroom and everything is great, you guys are kissing and really just rolling around laughing and making out. When the fucking happens lets face it, it get quiet besides the grunting and heavy breathing. MAKE A SEX PLAYLIST, whatever suites both of your fancy. Some dirty hot rap to some soft gentle music, or some screamo rock music (Yes, screamo rock music it is fucking awesome to fuck to! Whatever music you pick that you can fuck to and have awesome sex with is the music you need to be playing!

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