These are a few of our favorite things – Vibrator Edition.

Toys are such a wonderful thing when you bring them into the bedroom. There are several different kinds and several ways to use them. Vibrator, Dildo’s, Anal Plugs, Beads, Lubes, everything. We’re going to glance a little into vibrators and what it does and also on some recommendations on how to use and which ones …

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Respect & Anal.

This one is for the men, but ladies your calls have been heard. Anal Sex. Every guy loves it (Well Most of Them) and ladies really have to prepare for it. Like literally prepare on all levels, I’ll let you think on that. Any who, the main point of this article is to stress to …

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Shortening your dicks…….lifespan.

Alright, this one goes out more so to the fellas out there, but ladies this isn’t a bad read for you to just know some things and to inform your man. Therefore if he is doing this shit, he is on his way to having some dick problems down the road. Just saying ….. After …

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Don’t be a lousy piece of shit?

It has come to my attention in the past week that well guys have their many ways of being called shady, ladies you stand as tall as them when it comes to this shit. I will never understand why people want to ruin something good in their life. There are so many questions left unanswered …

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