Shower Sex

A favorite for some… What is your opinion?

shower sex.jpg

Imagine the water is pouring on you, he gets to soap you all up, rubbing on your tits and grabbing that ass! He is probably getting rock hard just doing that, in fact ladies and gents if you can grab your significant other and read this fucking thing together! So now back to the drawing board, he is pulling your hair, kissing the back of shoulders and your neck, nibbling on your earlobe, gripping that ass and things are just getting hot as fuck. Now , suck on his cock and turn around press yourself against the shower wall and tell that motherfucker to slide his rock hard cock in that wet pussy, or that tight little ass whichever you prefer, or both ;), Lets go… shower fucking Sex bro. A lot of hardcore back shots, pinning Up Against the Walls, and Going Hard. Its hot as fuck, and every guy loves straight up back shots! 


But also keep in mind most the time you’ll be facing the shower wall under the shower head, so while the lady may not be getting sprayed in the face by all the water, the guy is getting blasted, and can barely probably see so adjust as needed, or just tell him to put some fucking goggles on like he’s going deep sea diving fuck it.


Also, side note to all the ladies out there that aren’t a fan of letting a guy cum in your mouth or on your face: understandable, not every girl is okay with it. However, every guy wants you to be his porn star slut, and every guy wants to do that, even if they say its not their thing I GUARANFUCKINGTEE YOU it is his thing and its on his mind. So, since you apparently aren’t cool with it, instead now try to be a dirty fucking slut in the shower, let the guy cum on your face, you wash it right off. He is fucking so happy he got to give you a facial and you are happy you got to wash it right off. BOOM! Both parties win, everyones happy!  Also ladies, after he cums on your face lick it off your lips… guys love that shit. Fucking try it, don’t be like eww that’s not for me, shut the fuck up and be the slut he wants you to be, and be the powerful hot slut girlfriend you are for him!


Then afterwards have him rub lotion on your legs, or a little massage, or whatever. You just gave him what he wanted, now he is more than willing to return the favor! Think about it you won’t give him what he wants but you expect him to be at your wake and call! haha that relationship will fucking end and probably pretty quick! So ladies you’ve been warned….

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