Shortening your dicks…….lifespan.

Alright, this one goes out more so to the fellas out there, but ladies this isn’t a bad read for you to just know some things and to inform your man. Therefore if he is doing this shit, he is on his way to having some dick problems down the road. Just saying ….. After …

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Did HE Fake It??

Did he actually cum? Did he really get off? Well, ladies this goes out to you, something to know about. First, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t into you, or you did something wrong, there can be a lot of reasons. This also mainly only can really happen if you and your man use condoms. Let’s …

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Porn is beneficial, but get the time right.

Everyone loves to check out a quick porno and get on with your day activities. However, what if your compromising your sex life and looking at porn too much? On the other hand, what if you should do it more to benefit your sex life? This one goes for both the ladies and the gents. …

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