Is your sex in Gear?

Listen, new topic, going to dive deep into fitness for a second. Lately, just watching some fitness videos on youtube, and have come across countless videos of huge motherfuckers taking gear. If you don’t know what gear is, it is steroids for all of you out there that don’t know. So ladies, listen up, fellas …

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20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed

The Car 2. The Kitchen 3. A Public Bathroom 4. A Hot Tub 5. The Gym Locker Room 6. Changing room in a department store 7. Someone else’s house 8. In a tent – Camping 9. On a boat 10. In a library! 11. Outdoors “grassy field” 12. While skinny dipping ?! 13. At the …

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A High Sex Drive

Too much sex? Wait, so is that an actual thing? People get sick of sex? I will never understand the people that always talk about how they need a “break” or they are too “tired” for sex. If you are doing it the right way you will not want a break. Having a good sex …

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